LMTV #103: Don’t Be Fooled By Fear

Fear is the Biggest Fooler of All! What Better Time than April Fool’s Day Shine a Bright Light on it?

Sometime around 1953, an uncredited Christian Scientist came up with a very interesting and revealing backronym for Fear:

False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s a cute and pithy statement, to be sure, but of course, it isn’t universally true. Sometimes, fear is very real and it has a very valuable purpose—to alert us to danger and thus keep us safe. But, unfortunately, our ego-minds are very fragile parts of our physical being, and they often blow things out of proportion, triggering fear within us that is quite irrational. In other words, it is our ego-minds that trick us into holding ourselves back from doing what our hearts call us to to do. Our ego-minds are almost constantly fooling us with exaggerated—and sometimes downright outrageous—claims about dangers and risks that simply don’t exist.

This week, the Soul Talk Guys revisit the topic of fear, and they’ve invited back a wonderful and gifted teacher, Azmina JiwaAzmina Jiwa, to share some of her wisdom about this subject.

All of our everyday what if’s create thoughts and images from our childhood conditioning and past experiences, which in turn paralyze into a state of inaction. If you are being fooled by your fears and not living the life you would love to live, then you need to tune in.

In this episode, with the help of Azmina, David & Tommy explore some truths about fears, so they can not fool you any more. Check out this episode and learn how you can override those thoughts and images so as to have the life you truly desire.

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LMTV #102: Making Waves

Want Inspiration? Then You’ll Want to Watch this Webinar!

Sometimes, there are things that happen on our planet that are just plain wrong. Imagine, for example, if you lived somewhere that had very little drinking water. If you weren’t already sick or diseased, if you somehow managed to stay healthy, then you’d probably be scrambling to find decent water for yourself and for your family. Can you imagine how hard your life would be under circumstances like that?

Believe it or not, this is a very real problem for a lot of people in third world countries. And for this episode, the Soul Talk Guys invited two amazing and powerful women to share one delightfully simple and inspiring way of solving this problem.

Spryte Loriano and Audra Erwin are definitely forces to be reckoned with. Spryte has been on a long-term journey to make the world a better place and has demonstrated her passion in many ways with Spryte Loriano & Audra Erwinnumerous projects that have contributed to many people’s lives. And Audra is a shining light in the world who—as the High on Life Coach—inspires and motivates people to live their lives with total abandon.

These two women found each other—inevitably, one might say—and teamed up to create a program to bring clean and delicious drinking water to 1,000,000 people who really need it. Clearly, these two amazing beings are prime examples of what it means to be

Making Waves!

But guess what, friend? You can make waves too! One reminder that Tommy & David share from time to time is that your waves don’t have to be massive tidal waves. In fact, if you think about it, even a small ripple can often be enough to create a whole movement. All it takes is a recognition of a problem and an authentic, heart-felt desire to find a solution.

So watch the video and hear Spryte and Audra share some of their story. Let them be an inspiration for how you can find your own way to be

Making Waves!

LMTV #101: The Lemon Factor

The More Lemonade You Make, the More Lemons You Get!

We’ve all heard the saying

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

And it’s a great metaphor for helping us to stay positive when things don’t conform do our desires or expectations.

But the idea is not just to turn a big lemon into lemonade once in a while, but to get good at doing it all the time. Why? Because the Universe is going to keep giving you the same challenge, over and over and over again, until you solve it. Until you get it. Until you learn the lesson you asked to be taught.

And just like that, by realizing that everything happens for a reason, and everything bad that happens is an opportunity to learn and grow, just like that you can begin to master the Life Mastery technique of

Transforming Adversity.

Transforming, meaning to change, or grow, or shift.
Adversity, meaning the challenges, hard times, complicated relationships, mean people we all face in life.

And the goal here, the trick to truly liberating yourself from the constant barrage of trouble, is to face each situation one at a time and realize there’s something to learn in every obstacle that appears. And with this change of mind, with this shift in consciousness, you can receive a Masters in Adversity Transformation.

When you do, you’ll marvel and be amazed at what happens! You’ll prove to yourself that by facing your trouble, and transforming it into a learning experience, you’ll not only grow and become stronger, but that particular problem will evaporate from your life and never haunt you again. Period!

Join the Soul Talk Guys as they teach you proven, patented practices to overcome the hard stuff in life. Once and for all.

Remember… Do it once, and it will be gone for all of the rest of your life. For Good.

LMTV #100: Public Service Announcement

Neuroscience Proves that When We Help Others, We Help Ourselves

This is not a self-serving game, nor is it one of narcissism. It is just a scientific fact.

When we selflessly help others, we release chemicals into our brains that literally make us happy. In other words, we reward ourselves generously by putting our energy into helping others, serving others. And that is why this week, the Soul Talk Guys are making this Public Service Announcement: to encourage everyone to

Be of Service!

Join David & Tommy and learn about some of the the personal and planetary benefits you can experience when you are guided by a principle of service:

  • Giving of your time, energy and perhaps money;
  • Serving without expecting anything in return;
  • Sharing without asking for or talking about recognition;
  • Volunteering your mental, physical, or emotional skills for the benefit of others;
  • Turning What’s in it for Me to What’s in it for We.

When you can do any of these things from a place of anonymous humility—that is, knowing you’re making a difference without any need for recognition or recompense—you set up a whole cycle that serves to create enormous benefit for you and for the people you are serving.

This is another powerful episode from the Soul Talk Guys… so enjoy the video! And please leave a comment below!

LMTV #99: Soul Courage

Got Purpose? Makes All the Difference in the World!

Have you ever thought about who you really are and why you’re here in this world?

These are the deep questions that almost all of us end up contemplating at one time or another in our lives. Sadly, many of us find our answers disappointing and unfulfilling. But that’s only because we don’t really know how to look deeply within to find the truth that we are looking for. Or, for some of us, it may be that we are simply afraid of what we might learn about ourselves.

Most people would probably agree that courage is a willingness to work through our fears and simply accept what is real for us. But what exactly is Soul Courage?

This week, Tommy continues his vacation in India, so David has invited a brand new guest to join him and discuss this very topic. Tara-Jenelle Walsch is the founder and spirit behind the Soulebrate greeting card company and the Soulcialize personal development program. Recently, Tara-Jenelle published her brand new book Soul Courage, which is already making waves on Amazon! Naturally, she seems like a perfect fit for the Life Mastery TV family!

The first question Tara-Jenelle asks is

Have you ever thought about who you really are and why you’re here in this world?

Most people share the understanding that Life is about more than the experiences of the Body and the Mind, but it takes a special kind of courage to engage our Soul in our daily encounters. Knowing this is one thing. Knowing how to do it is another. There are no schools offering courses in Soul Connection. But Tara-Jenelle shares some of her wisdom on this subject.

So check out the video for this episode and get some insights into how you can discover a clearly articulated path to Soul Connection with yourself and others, a path that has the potential to create some of the most enriching experiences in your life, allowing you to come alive in ways that can utterly transform your journey of self-awareness to one of soul-awareness.

LMTV #98: Shadow Dance

What Happens When Your Shadow and My Shadow Decide to Interact?

Ours is a human dance of dichotomies, many of which are polar opposites:

  • Conscious and Unconscious;
  • Yin and Yang;
  • Good and Bad;
  • Happy and Sad;
  • Light and Dark;
  • Living and Dying.

These polarities are what make life so rich and wonderful, and it would be difficult to imagine any kind of real experience without them.

Maybe you’re familiar with the magical and entertaining “shadow dance” of Indonesian puppetry. The real magic is that you don’t see what’s really going on or who’s pulling the strings!

These puppet shows remind us of our own behaviors. Have you ever found yourself acting in ways where you wondered to yourself, “What on earth came over me?” When this happens, you might well feel as if there is a hidden force that is pulling your strings!

You may remember back a ways, the Soul Talk Guys talked about Beata LewisIlluminating the Shadow, where they shared some perspectives about the concept of “psychic shadow”. Well, in this episode, they’re back at it, but this time they look at shadow from a slightly different perspective. With Tommy away on vacation in India, David is joined by Beata Lewis to talk about what happens when the shadows of two or more people come out to play and start to interact with one another. You may not have thought about this before, but you have surely experienced the phenomenon, and as the Life Mastery TV team talk about it, you may well recognize and learn something more about

Shadow Dance.

From a personal transformation perspective, true self-awareness and mastery demand the tough work of engaging with your shadow. Bringing your shadow to conscious awareness allows for the emergence of inner knowing and light. And as you wrestle with demons, you usually find ways to heal and love parts of yourself that you may have previously considered to be unlovable. And that only leads to a more authentic—and generally more fulfilling—life.

So, make some time to watch the video of David and Beata in this week’s episode of Life Mastery TV.

LMTV #97: Wisdom While You Work

You Know Things are Changing when Personal Growth Spreads into the Workplace!

For several years now, there’s been a growing trend in corporate America—a trend of awakening consciousness. It may not have reached your company yet, but if things keep going the way they are and if the Soul Talk Guys have any input, it will soon.

Several major American companies—including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter—have been engaged for over five years in bringing Mindfulness practices to their companies and their employees. The fifth annual Wisdom 2.0 conference is coming to San Francisco on February 20th to 22nd. In this conference, leaders in Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence practices are gathering to meet, share and network with each other. Both of your Soul Talk Guys, David & Tommy, deliver Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence training at their respective work places, and this week they’ll be joined by another MEI specialist, Marjan Mohtashami.

This week, the Soul Talk Guys and Marjan are treading into new territory. They’ll be talking about the corporate mindfulness movement and how each of us is doing our part to fan the flames of organizational transformation.

Mindfulness guru Eckhart Tolle has said that the old structures created by humans at a time before the Awakening of Human Consciousness—structures like our educational system, financial system, governmental structure, as well as corporate structures—will no longer suit the new minds and hearts currently undergoing transformation. As such, he said, these structures will either fail and be replaced, or be changed from within.

At Life Mastery TV, David & Tommy—along with their guests—are doing their parts to manifest change from within.

If you want to be part of this change, you won’t want to miss this episode!

LMTV #96: Resistance is Futile

Remember the Borg? Remember Their Mantra?

For any fan of the TV Series Star Trek, the words Resistance is Futile are the familiar threat of the infamous Borg, those cybernetic beings who strove to assimilate all of life into their one mechanical mind. It was the Borgs’ way of demoralizing people and removing all hope, and the underlying message was

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to resist, we are going to win and you are going to become one of us.

The Soul Talk Guys are not here to talk about the Borg. Instead, Tommy & David turn this mantra inside-out and look at it from a number of different angles. Instead of seeing it as an omen of capitulation to an external power, David & Tommy examine it as a reminder to surrender to your own higher power.

See, whether you are a Trekkie, a Borg, a Human, or some other life form, chances are you believe what you’re doing is right. From your perspective, you intend ‘good’. You may even feel you have a purpose and mission in life to be good, to do good, and to help others. And that’s where the story begins, because many of us take up our cause for good in the way we’re taught to take up any cause:

To FIGHT for it.

That’s right! We are taught to:

  • FIGHT for justice;
  • FIGHT for liberty;
  • FIGHT for our dreams;
  • FIGHT for the cause(s) we believe in;
  • FIGHT for our country;
  • FIGHT for what’s “right”;
  • and on and on it goes.

Sounds tiring, doesn’t it? And indeed, that’s exactly what it is: exhausting! Why? Because all that fighting and resisting is a never-ending effort and struggle to push away things that we don’t want in our lives. And the real irony is that the more we resist and fight, the more those undesirable things seem to find a way to stick around. Our attempts to push things away only seem to give those things more energy and intention to continue with their objectives. And so, in a very real sense, our resistance is indeed futile.

It may not seem obvious, but resistance is actually a violation of your individual Primary Directive. You see, you are here ultimately to attract Light, Love and Goodness to the planet. However, if you engage in repelling forces like resistance and fighting, then you end up engaging energies like fear, sadness and anger—which may seem to achieve results in the short term, but in the long term actually sabotage your cause, purpose and mission. If you think about this for a moment, you can see that resistance actually goes against your very nature.

Tommy & David share with you ways that you can release your resistance, and even transform it into a form of attraction that supports and helps your cause. So, instead of fighting fire with fire (in which case your Resistance is Futile), join the Soul Talk Guys for another mind-bending journey that is sure to help you to

Live Long and Prosper!

LMTV #95: The Perfection Paradox

Perfection is a Grand Illusion—and Something that can Teach us a LOT!

Imagine if everything were perfect already. Think of all the energy you could save! Your ego-mind would have no choice but to stop complaining that things aren’t good enough; it would have to stop pushing and prodding you to keep doing better. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you are enough already, that nothing more needs to be done?

Sadly, the way we have our lives set up right now, most of us are continually striving for this thing that we call perfection. On some level, we already know that it’s a losing proposition, because the ego-mind is never satisfied—or so it seems. But that doesn’t stop us, does it? We allow ourselves to be manipulated or talked into continually pushing ourselves to achieve this ethereal thing called perfection, believing the ego-mind lies that once we achieve it, we will finally be happy.

On one hand, we could say that this striving actually has a positive benefit: namely, that it keeps us on a continual path of improvement and growth.

But on the other hand, if we can never stop long enough to appreciate what we’ve already accomplished, how can we ever hope to be truly happy? And what is the toll that this takes on our lives?

Your Soul already sees things as perfect—just as they are here and now! Therefore, it has no need to change anything, let alone try to make it “better”! It is only the ego-mind that finds fault with almost everything, and so it seeks to constantly complain about what’s wrong, and to insist that we make it right! This form of perfection is an unattainable state of mind; it serves only as fuel for the ego-mind to continue its eternal purpose of keeping us safe. Hard to believe, maybe, but it’s true.

The seeds for seeking perfection were planted in you at a very young age. They include things like these:

  • Earning Mommy and Daddy’s approval by being well behaved;
  • Getting straight A’s at school so as to impress everyone;
  • Turning things into competitions so that you can win prizes and glory;
  • Making enough money in order to buy the perfect house, have the best car, and win the heart of the most desirable partner.

Of course, the list goes on and on…and on!

Well, this week, the Soul Talk Guys invite you to join them in stopping this insanity! David & Tommy shine a light on this disempowering habit and help you to learn to accept yourself as the truly amazing and wonderful being you are—with no need whatsoever to change anything!

Watch the video and join the magic; you’ll be glad you did!

LMTV #94: Gratitude in Action

One of the Best Ways to Manifest What You Want is to Express Gratitude for it BEFORE You Even Have it!

May sound counter-intuitive, but it’s quite true…

How would you like to:

  • Attract more of what you want in life;
  • Improve ALL of your relationships;
  • Reduce negativity and stress in your life;
  • Improve your problem-solving skills;
  • Accelerate your learning and growth.

All of these things—and many more—are possible through the power of an amazing, freely-accessible force that any of us can use at any time! We’re talking about

Gratitude in Action!

David & Tommy have spoken about Gratitude many times in the past, and they’ve had guests—notably, JoAnn Rotermund—who have shared their wisdom about the subject. But it’s such an important concept that they decided to devote another episode to the topic—this time, with a focus on developing and maintaining an active practice.

Here are a few things about Gratitude that you might already resonate with:

  • Gratitude is an attitude.
  • Gratitude is an choice.
  • Gratitude is an habit.

You might well wonder, “What is this thing called Gratitude anyway?”

Some people see Gratitude as a form of energy, an energy of expression, an energy of love. Others see it as a gateway that enables the 7th Chakra to be opened—which might explain why it has such amazing, life-changing properties.

Regardless of how you try to categorize it, most people agree that Gratitude has a great deal of power—much more than we might imagine.

Think about it! If you want to really shift your life into high-gear, there is no easier way to do it than to be grateful for who you are and what you have in your life.

But you can magnify the power of Gratitude by making it a priority in your life. When you consciously practice being grateful for the people, situations, conditions and events around you, you automatically begin the process of releasing your attachment to any resentment or anger about things that have happened to you previously. And this automatically opens space in your life to make room for more of what you truly desire in your life. No doubt you can see the cycle of healing that you can easily create for yourself!

If you want to really shift your life into high gear, start by being grateful. Then watch what happens! Meanwhile, watch this week’s video and find out how you can experience

Gratitude in Action!