LMTV #113: Movin’ On!

All Things Come to an End—Even Good Things!

The Soul Talk Guys have been bringing you amazing episodes—full of wisdom and learning—since their very first installment on April 18, 2014. It has been a wonderful, magical, and inspirational ride, and Tommy & David are extremely proud of what they have created together and delivered to you.

But we all come to points in our lives where we have to make decisions, and recently Tommy had a personal A-Ha that woke him up to a whole new opportunity in his life—something that he simply cannot ignore. Unfortunately, this new venture means that he won’t have the bandwidth available to continue with Life Mastery TV, so he will be co-hosting his final episode this week.

What does this mean for Life Mastery TV? Well, clearly things are going to be different going forward, and David will be looking for new ways to continue bringing this material to you. But for this week, the focus will be on celebrating one of the co-founders of this amazing team, and to wish him well on his continuing journey.

So, please join David & Tommy for the final episode of Life Mastery TV in its current form. Join the program to find out what to expect from Tommy and to wish him well in his new venture.

LMTV #85: A Generous Helping

This is a Great Time of Year to be Thinking of Taking Gratitude to the Next Level!

For many people, Gratitude represents a turning point from the selfish what’s-in-it-for-me attitude conditioned into us, to the place where we can actually be grateful for whatever life has to offer. To the point of becoming thankful even for the challenges and opportunities for growth.

Feeling gratitude is also associated with the opening and proper functioning of the seventh chakra—the crown chakra. The opening of the crown chakra, which happens when we clear away the blocks of lack, and reconnect with pure gratitude to our source of plenty, is a milestone in all of our journeys, often marked by the realization that we’re not in this life all alone, and that we’re connected to everything—and everyone!

As with many things spiritual, Gratitude is an idea, a concept, a feeling, a belief. And while it’s powerful in its own right, some people may find it difficult to connect to it. Gratitude may be one of those things that’s easy to say, and sometimes hard to get or to live by.

June SchreiberSo, in this season of being thankful and expressing gratitude, the Soul Talk Guys devote an episode to discussing solid ways to practice gratitude—by providing a kind of spiritual map from the what to the how. And to help them bring some great wisdom to the discussion, they are joined by none other than June Schreiber.

As people train to become Enlightened Buddhas (people who have completely abandoned all delusions of the mind), one of the six key practices a Bodhisattva focuses on doing well is Giving. In this sense, Giving doesn’t necessarily mean sharing energy in monetary form—although that is certainly one way to do it.

There are many ways we can practice Giving, such as:

  • Giving your time to someone, or lending an ear—really listening to someone;
  • Offering someone your full, undivided, loving attention;
  • Counseling or coaching someone who’s asked for your advice;
  • Volunteering at a local food bank;
  • Helping someone who’s struggling with crisis or stress;
  • Perhaps just saying ‘Hello’ to a lonely neighbor.

These are all simple, yet very powerful acts of

Giving. Generosity. Helping. Walking the walk of Gratitude.

And in this episode, Giving is the topic under discussion. David & Tommy discuss Genuine Generosity—giving without expecting anything in return. No expectation of praise; no ‘thank you’ required. Just unselfish, unconditional, pure generosity.

So if you’d like to have a little taste of this for yourself during the Holiday Season, join David & Tommy, along with their guest June Schreiber, and treat yourself to A Generous Helping of gratitude.

What better way to practice gratitude than to generously give of yourself for the betterment of others!

LMTV #60: Compare and Despair

Do you ever compare yourself to others? And then find yourself coming up short?

Comparisonitis. (noun) The compulsion to compare one’s accomplishments, characteristics, attributes, etc., to those of someone else in order to determine relative ranking or importance.

It’s a pretty common affliction, the kind of thing that almost everyone experiences from time to time.

To be sure, seeing someone else excel at something can certainly be inspiring. It can move something within us that makes us want to excel in some way, too. It can be a great motivational force that stirs our own Heart’s Desire and gets us moving in a direction that may bring us to the next greatest version of who we are meant to be. And what a wonderful feeling that can be!

In this sense, looking outward and making comparisons can actually serve us in a good way. But the problem is, many of us don’t stop there.

Many of us are continually comparing ourselves to others, and what we seem to end up doing is forging a pretty strong belief that we aren’t smart enough, bright enough, healthy enough, successful enough, and on, and on, ad nauseum. Can you relate to this?

Consider the toll it takes on us when we compare ourselves to others. We not only feel separation from the target(s) of our admiration—which can instantly have us feel down and alone—but we also feel a certain heaviness or unworthiness because of our underlying sense of “lack” or “being less than”. And this can dim our inner light even more.

This week the Soul Talk Guys have invited back Shadow Work facilitator and coach Junie Moon Schreiber to help shed some light on this very real problem—and something that she herself has had to deal with as part of her own journey. As Junie challenges us to consider:

If we could see the beauty in each of us, admire and praise others for their gifts and then look to ourselves to see our own unique expression, what might happen then?

Indeed. What might happen then? Well, that’s exactly what David & Tommy intend to find out this week—with Junie's help, of course!

The fact is, it’s hard to see your own special and unique gifts when you are busy comparing yourself to others. And you know what they say, right? “Out of sight, out of mind.” Meaning that, as long as you don’t see your own qualities, you tend to forget that they exist. So it takes some effort to bring your awareness back to yourself and to re-connect to those gifts. So this week’s episode will be a lot about remembering who you really are.

Go ahead, see the beauty in someone else. But then remember that there is great beauty within you, too.

Enjoy the video, and please submit a comment below!

LMTV #52: Anniversary Celebration

No matter what journey you are on, it’s a good idea occasionally to pause long enough to acknowledge and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Way back on April 18, 2014, David & Tommy had this crazy idea to do a bunch of webinars designed to help people live better lives. They decided to call their program "Life Mastery TV". Since then, Tommy & David have completed…(drum roll please)

51 Episodes!

Well, today’s episode marks the completion of a whole year of amazing webinars, so David & Tommy decided that a celebration was called for! For their celebration Tommy & David invited a whole bunch of their favorite people to join them in a special 1-hour episode that turned out to be a boisterous and entertaining look back over the past year.

If you take a look back 52 weeks, what accomplishments and achievements and self-wonders can YOU acknowledge? What did YOU release; what did YOU surrender to in order to get where you are today? What lessons have YOU learned that you can apply in the next 52 weeks?

Tommy & David invited the following amazing messengers to consider these questions and more during this week’s celebration webinar:

If you have watched any of the webinars during the past year, then you may have met one or more of these people, and you already know the kinds of brilliance and wisdom that they bring to the world. Well, just imagine having them all present during one powerful, entertaining and illuminating broadcast!

Enjoy the replay video, and please leave a comment below!

LMTV #29: Living Life Unmasked

Hallowe’en. The season of masks and costumes. But how many masks do we wear day-by-day? This week, let’s talk about “unmasking”!

Originally, it is believed, Hallowe’en was a time of celebrating the dead. Today, however, this celebration doesn’t seem to have much meaning at all, and appears to be simply an opportunity to dress up and have some “dark” fun. It is a time when people of all ages put on costumes and masks and pretend to be something they are not.

If you think about it for a moment, many of us spend a lot of our “real” time pretending to be something we are not. We put on false airs to appear more confident than we really are. We use humor as a way of dealing with uncomfortable situations, or for getting people to like us. Some of us have the belief that if we dare to reveal who we really are, we will be ridiculed, spurned, shunned…or worse. And so we put up our shields and don our masks in an effort to hide those parts of ourselves.

And what pain do we cause ourselves in the process? What suffering do we cause our loved ones? What strife do we create in the world?

This week, we welcome a wonderful guest, Junie Moon Schreiber, a specialist on the subject of Shadow, to share her wisdom and help us all to UNMASK! In this episode, we discuss what it means to show up in the world as a genuine, authentic being—unhindered by the false representations that we want people to see.

While this may be a challenging and deep topic (as topics usually are on Life Mastery TV), we are committed to making this light and fun. But you only get to see us with our masks off if you take a risk to share space with us!

Watch the video, leave a comment, and please remember to visit Junie’s website at Soulful Expressions.