LMTV #94: Gratitude in Action

One of the Best Ways to Manifest What You Want is to Express Gratitude for it BEFORE You Even Have it!

May sound counter-intuitive, but it’s quite true…

How would you like to:

  • Attract more of what you want in life;
  • Improve ALL of your relationships;
  • Reduce negativity and stress in your life;
  • Improve your problem-solving skills;
  • Accelerate your learning and growth.

All of these things—and many more—are possible through the power of an amazing, freely-accessible force that any of us can use at any time! We’re talking about

Gratitude in Action!

Tommy & David have spoken about Gratitude many times in the past, and they’ve had guests—notably, JoAnn Rotermund—who have shared their wisdom about the subject. But it’s such an important concept that they decided to devote another episode to the topic—this time, with a focus on developing and maintaining an active practice.

Here are a few things about Gratitude that you might already resonate with:

  • Gratitude is an attitude.
  • Gratitude is an choice.
  • Gratitude is an habit.

You might well wonder, “What is this thing called Gratitude anyway?”

Some people see Gratitude as a form of energy, an energy of expression, an energy of love. Others see it as a gateway that enables the 7th Chakra to be opened—which might explain why it has such amazing, life-changing properties.

Regardless of how you try to categorize it, most people agree that Gratitude has a great deal of power—much more than we might imagine.

Think about it! If you want to really shift your life into high-gear, there is no easier way to do it than to be grateful for who you are and what you have in your life.

But you can magnify the power of Gratitude by making it a priority in your life. When you consciously practice being grateful for the people, situations, conditions and events around you, you automatically begin the process of releasing your attachment to any resentment or anger about things that have happened to you previously. And this automatically opens space in your life to make room for more of what you truly desire in your life. No doubt you can see the cycle of healing that you can easily create for yourself!

If you want to really shift your life into high gear, start by being grateful. Then watch what happens! Meanwhile, watch this week’s video and find out how you can experience

Gratitude in Action!

LMTV #69: The Heart-Empowered Man

Hard. Unemotional. Tough. Rational. Stoic. Rugged. Macho.

These are the kinds of attributes that were long associated with men, and which seemed to be demanded by society. To some extent, the world may have for a number of years actually needed men with these kinds of qualities. To some extent, these qualities may have actually served a beneficial purpose. But looking at the world today, it’s hard to imagine what possible purpose they serve now.

David & Tommy believe that the era of the macho man has come to an end. Welcome to the era of

The Heart-Empowered Man!

What exactly is a heart-empowered man anyway? To some of the members of the old guard, it might seem that such men are weak or feeble-minded or fearful or any of a host of other diminutives, but the Soul Talk Guys believe differently, and they’ve invited three very powerful, purposeful, self-reliant—and fully heart-empowered—men to bring their brand of compassionate authenticity to this week’s show.

Come join this episode and meet:

  • Chris Kyle—a prominent leader and teacher in the ManKind Project, as well as a dynamic coach and founder of the Ascendant Company.
  • Jewel Love—a dedicated Marriage and Family Therapist, counselor and teacher who focuses on promoting and supporting responsible fatherhood.
  • Kevin McLeod—a brilliant writer, poet and hip-hop artist who blends his wisdom and enlightened teaching with his art in some amazing ways.

If you are curious about what it means to be a real man, then you won’t want to miss this show! Tommy is away on vacation for this episode, but David is present to host these men and moderate a discussion in which you learn several keys to being a responsible, magnificent man:

  • Knowing who you really are.
  • Uncovering and living your purpose.
  • Acknowledging, understanding and empowering the archetypal energies that are always available to you.
  • Keeping a clear focus on your vision for the kind of world you want to create—for yourself AND for your loved ones.

And ladies, a special invitation to you: Invite the men in your life to watch this video with you! You won’t regret it.

LMTV #52: Anniversary Celebration

No matter what journey you are on, it’s a good idea occasionally to pause long enough to acknowledge and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Way back on April 18, 2014, David & Tommy had this crazy idea to do a bunch of webinars designed to help people live better lives. They decided to call their program "Life Mastery TV". Since then, David & Tommy have completed…(drum roll please)

51 Episodes!

Well, today’s episode marks the completion of a whole year of amazing webinars, so Tommy & David decided that a celebration was called for! For their celebration David & Tommy invited a whole bunch of their favorite people to join them in a special 1-hour episode that turned out to be a boisterous and entertaining look back over the past year.

If you take a look back 52 weeks, what accomplishments and achievements and self-wonders can YOU acknowledge? What did YOU release; what did YOU surrender to in order to get where you are today? What lessons have YOU learned that you can apply in the next 52 weeks?

Tommy & David invited the following amazing messengers to consider these questions and more during this week’s celebration webinar:

If you have watched any of the webinars during the past year, then you may have met one or more of these people, and you already know the kinds of brilliance and wisdom that they bring to the world. Well, just imagine having them all present during one powerful, entertaining and illuminating broadcast!

Enjoy the replay video, and please leave a comment below!

LMTV #49: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum!

When things get out of control, it can seem like the crew has mutinied or the gremlins have stormed the control tower!

  • Have you noticed that we all seem to believe that life is supposed to be a challenge and that we are supposed to struggle and suffer?
  • Have you noticed how much stress and worry and misery we all seem to be living with?
  • Have you ever wondered why this is so?
  • Have you ever wondered what you can do about it?

Getting all caught up in the drama of your ego-mind can create all kinds of havoc, chaos, and confusion in your life. And this can lead to more undesirable consequences than you might care to admit! And the stress that accompanies the chaos can have lots of negative—and sometimes even devastating—effects on your well-being…as well as the well-being of your loved ones.

You know what it feels like—pick your favorite metaphor:

  • A VW pulled up under the Big Top and unloaded 192 uncooperative clowns into my brain!
  • The crew of my ship have all mutinied and locked me up in the brig!
  • The gremlins have managed to shut down all services and have taken over the control room!
  • The inmates have revolted, demolished the security system, and are now running the asylum!

So how does this happen? Why do we all have our own version of one of these chaotic metaphors? Mainly, it’s because we haven’t been taught how to tame the rogue elephant brain. We didn’t learn this—in school or anywhere else—because our parents didn’t learn if from their parents…whose parents didn’t know either! But, guess what? It’s not all that difficult to regain control of all the crazy thoughts in your head and the confused emotions in your heart.

It’s just a question of learning a new skill.

Are you ready to try?

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired; if you are ready to take control of your life, once and for all; well, then this episode of Life Mastery TV might just be the one that will help you change everything. For good and forever!

Check out this week’s webinar recording, and please remember to leave a comment below.