LMTV #68: Words–Hurt or Heal?

Words are complex combinations of sound energy with much more power than we imagine.

Who hasn’t been moved by a beautiful piece of music? Who hasn’t reacted to the unexpected cacophony of a car backfire, or a gunshot, or an explosion? Who hasn’t experienced hurt from painful words—even quietly spoken—from someone? Who hasn’t felt the warmth and pleasure of words of love from a sweetheart?

The common element among all these examples is sound energy.

For episode 68 of Life Mastery TV, Tommy & David invited two practitioners in the area of Sound Energy Healing to share their wisdom and expertise on this fascinating subject. Resa Ferreira and Sara Jane, two amazingly intuitive and compassionate women, join the show to enlighten you about the power of the intention that you put behind your words.

Written words are the symbolic form of complex sounds that we make when we speak. In the written symbolic form, words have a certain limited amount of power, but when we speak the words out loud, we give them life and we can imbue the sounds we create with all kinds of different energy. It is this sound energy—a creation that comes from our intention—that can have hurtful or healing effects on the people we speak them to.

Confucius said:

Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.

It seems likely that he was referring to the force of spoken words, and so Confucius was very familiar with this concept, and tried to raise people’s awareness of it.

If you look at your own life, can you identify times when you:

  • Used words to hurt other people;
  • Used words to heal other people;
  • Amped up the energy to make your words even more powerful and effective;
  • Softened your energy to make your words easier for another person to receive?

Most of us, it seems, have done one or more of these things—and maybe other things too—during our lives, whether we were aware of our behavior or not. Well, how would you like to take more responsibility for your words and how you deliver them? How would you like to have even more awareness about the power of the energy that you put behind your words?

Join the Soul Talk Guys, along with special guests Sara Jane and Resa Ferreira for what promises to be a lively and educational discussion about the

Sound Energy of Words


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