LMTV #113: Movin’ On!

All Things Come to an End—Even Good Things!

The Soul Talk Guys have been bringing you amazing episodes—full of wisdom and learning—since their very first installment on April 18, 2014. It has been a wonderful, magical, and inspirational ride, and David & Tommy are extremely proud of what they have created together and delivered to you.

But we all come to points in our lives where we have to make decisions, and recently Tommy had a personal A-Ha that woke him up to a whole new opportunity in his life—something that he simply cannot ignore. Unfortunately, this new venture means that he won’t have the bandwidth available to continue with Life Mastery TV, so he will be co-hosting his final episode this week.

What does this mean for Life Mastery TV? Well, clearly things are going to be different going forward, and David will be looking for new ways to continue bringing this material to you. But for this week, the focus will be on celebrating one of the co-founders of this amazing team, and to wish him well on his continuing journey.

So, please join David & Tommy for the final episode of Life Mastery TV in its current form. Join the program to find out what to expect from Tommy and to wish him well in his new venture.

LMTV #104: Two Years of Life Mastery TV

It’s Time to Celebrate…Again!

That’s right, friends! Believe it or not, David & Tommy have been delivering you amazing, powerful, insightful, and inspirational webinars every week for 103 consecutive episodes. And this week—episode 104—represents the last episode of another fabulous year. So the Soul Talk Guys are celebrating! And they want to celebrate with YOU!

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without special guests, so Tommy & David have invited past guests to rejoin them for this week’s activities. People like these:

  • Sara Jane, the “sound spirit healer”;
  • Tara-jenelle Walsch, author and entrepreneur;
  • Staci & Tom Welch-Bartley, expert relationship coaches;
  • Mahalia Michael, the “brain bliss” expert;
  • Junie Moon Schreiber, transformational shadow work coach.

While the Soul Talk Guys love to laugh and have fun and celebrate, they also like to make sure to bring lots of value to the table as well, so you still get some great tips and suggestions for improving your life. So, please watch this week’s video! Make some time for yourself to join some great people for a wonderful celebration!


LMTV #90: Embrace the Force

As Humans Wake up to Conscious Evolution, More and More of us Recognize and Realize that We’re All One…

Well, what exactly do we mean by that? What do we mean when we feel the energy of connection and say that “We’re All One”?

  • Are we one Body? Seems unlikely.
  • Are we one Mind? Possibly.
  • Are we one Spirit? Almost certainly!

Great sages and enlightened beings of current and past times all seem to agree with the idea that we are One in Spirit. At the spiritual level, we all originate from the same Source, the same Light, the same Consciousness, the same Energy.

Consider what happens when you take a drop of water and release it into the ocean. Instantly, you can no longer tell where the drop ends and the ocean begins. In a way, every drop of water from the Ocean is the Ocean itself. And the same is true for us—at least from a spiritual perspective. We are unique, individual drops of Consciousness Incarnate. And we manifest in the physical plane as material bodies with environmental sensors (eyes, ears, etc.), and brains like computers. (In fact, if you think about if for a moment, computers are actually created to mimic the brain!)

Comprehend the magnitude of realizing that you are, at the spiritual level, One with Everything. The power in understanding and then realizing this for yourself is immense! To recognize and acknowledge that you’re part of the whole grand Source of all Energy and Love is an amazing realization. An amazing—and liberating—A-HA.

As we take our first steps into the New Year, the Soul Talk Guys invite and encourage you to:

  • Embrace the Universal Force within you.
  • Embrace your True Nature.
  • Embrace the truth that you are an equal part of the great Ocean of Universal Energy.

If you make no other commitment, set no other intention for 2016, then at least open yourself to this great, wonderful and liberating truth! For when you do, No longer will you be at the mercy and whim of other beings to provide you dribbles of left-over, crummy life-force-energy. No longer will you be under the spell of Approvalitis, always pandering to and pleasing others so they don’t take away their attention, affection, or love from you.

To know you are plugged directly into the Source of all Energy, and not to feel drained or left out all the time, is one of the most magnificent changes in perspective you can make for yourself.

This week—on New Year’s Day, to be sure!—Tommy & David will be joined by some of the Brilliant Lights on the planet. And together, they’ll talk about, and show you, where the Great Electrical Socket in the Sky is and how you can tap into it. Right Now!

Be sure to plug in.

LMTV #68: Words–Hurt or Heal?

Words are complex combinations of sound energy with much more power than we imagine.

Who hasn’t been moved by a beautiful piece of music? Who hasn’t reacted to the unexpected cacophony of a car backfire, or a gunshot, or an explosion? Who hasn’t experienced hurt from painful words—even quietly spoken—from someone? Who hasn’t felt the warmth and pleasure of words of love from a sweetheart?

The common element among all these examples is sound energy.

For episode 68 of Life Mastery TV, David & Tommy invited two practitioners in the area of Sound Energy Healing to share their wisdom and expertise on this fascinating subject. Resa Ferreira and Sara Jane, two amazingly intuitive and compassionate women, join the show to enlighten you about the power of the intention that you put behind your words.

Written words are the symbolic form of complex sounds that we make when we speak. In the written symbolic form, words have a certain limited amount of power, but when we speak the words out loud, we give them life and we can imbue the sounds we create with all kinds of different energy. It is this sound energy—a creation that comes from our intention—that can have hurtful or healing effects on the people we speak them to.

Confucius said:

Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.

It seems likely that he was referring to the force of spoken words, and so Confucius was very familiar with this concept, and tried to raise people’s awareness of it.

If you look at your own life, can you identify times when you:

  • Used words to hurt other people;
  • Used words to heal other people;
  • Amped up the energy to make your words even more powerful and effective;
  • Softened your energy to make your words easier for another person to receive?

Most of us, it seems, have done one or more of these things—and maybe other things too—during our lives, whether we were aware of our behavior or not. Well, how would you like to take more responsibility for your words and how you deliver them? How would you like to have even more awareness about the power of the energy that you put behind your words?

Join the Soul Talk Guys, along with special guests Sara Jane and Resa Ferreira for what promises to be a lively and educational discussion about the

Sound Energy of Words


And please remember to leave a comment in the form below!

LMTV #52: Anniversary Celebration

No matter what journey you are on, it’s a good idea occasionally to pause long enough to acknowledge and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Way back on April 18, 2014, David & Tommy had this crazy idea to do a bunch of webinars designed to help people live better lives. They decided to call their program "Life Mastery TV". Since then, Tommy & David have completed…(drum roll please)

51 Episodes!

Well, today’s episode marks the completion of a whole year of amazing webinars, so David & Tommy decided that a celebration was called for! For their celebration Tommy & David invited a whole bunch of their favorite people to join them in a special 1-hour episode that turned out to be a boisterous and entertaining look back over the past year.

If you take a look back 52 weeks, what accomplishments and achievements and self-wonders can YOU acknowledge? What did YOU release; what did YOU surrender to in order to get where you are today? What lessons have YOU learned that you can apply in the next 52 weeks?

David & Tommy invited the following amazing messengers to consider these questions and more during this week’s celebration webinar:

If you have watched any of the webinars during the past year, then you may have met one or more of these people, and you already know the kinds of brilliance and wisdom that they bring to the world. Well, just imagine having them all present during one powerful, entertaining and illuminating broadcast!

Enjoy the replay video, and please leave a comment below!

LMTV #9: A Sound Way to Heal and Grow

Did you know that sound and music have powerful healing properties?

For this week’s episode, we invited a very special guest, Sara Jane, who is moved by a deep, abiding passion for using powerful sound modalities to promote healing and growth. Hailing from Great Britain, Sara Jane specializes in utilizing the power of sound to help people uncover, illuminate and heal wounds that originated during early to middle childhood.

Sara’s techniques have helped people to address and heal all kinds of issues, including:

  • emotional suffering;
  • physical pain;
  • headaches and migraines;
  • weight challenges;
  • and LOTS of others!

Sara is gifted with abundant wisdom that comes from some of the challenges she has faced in her own life, and she offers her wisdom with a great deal of empathy and compassion .

Watch the video, and learn all about the incredible healing powers of sound energy, and you’ll come away feeling enlivened and rejuvenated.

Please check out Sara Jane’s website at The Spirit of Love.