LMTV #113: Movin’ On!

All Things Come to an End—Even Good Things!

The Soul Talk Guys have been bringing you amazing episodes—full of wisdom and learning—since their very first installment on April 18, 2014. It has been a wonderful, magical, and inspirational ride, and David & Tommy are extremely proud of what they have created together and delivered to you.

But we all come to points in our lives where we have to make decisions, and recently Tommy had a personal A-Ha that woke him up to a whole new opportunity in his life—something that he simply cannot ignore. Unfortunately, this new venture means that he won’t have the bandwidth available to continue with Life Mastery TV, so he will be co-hosting his final episode this week.

What does this mean for Life Mastery TV? Well, clearly things are going to be different going forward, and David will be looking for new ways to continue bringing this material to you. But for this week, the focus will be on celebrating one of the co-founders of this amazing team, and to wish him well on his continuing journey.

So, please join David & Tommy for the final episode of Life Mastery TV in its current form. Join the program to find out what to expect from Tommy and to wish him well in his new venture.

LMTV #89: Family of Choice

Many of Us Feel Somewhat Alienated from our Families of Origin—Especially During the Holiday Season.

On multiple occasions in recent weeks, both David & Tommy have heard from different friends about some of the challenges—and even tough times—they have experienced with their families at Thanksgiving. A common theme is that these people feel like they have very little left in common with the people who raised them and influenced their early lives. And stemming from that feeling, they may also express frustration that their family members “just don’t ‘get them'”—and may even mock them or put down their spiritual nature. What’s up with that?

  • Don’t they see that I’ve changed?
  • Can’t they see I’m feeling better about myself and my life?
  • Why don’t they join in instead of trying to jab me with their dull wit?

Maybe you’ve experienced some of this dynamic yourself…?

On the other hand—and since you’re plugged into the Soul Talk Guys way of being—it’s probably safe to assume you have other people in your life who totally get you and support you. People who are kindred spirits with similar spiritual perspectives, inspirations and aspirations, right?

It’s amazing when we’re able to attend a spiritual conference, workshop, or talk. Amazing, not only in the teachings and insights we receive, but in the people we meet.

No matter where we are in the world or who we meet, humans with an awareness of their true spiritual nature have the ability to relate, connect, and get along harmoniously—and all quite naturally. Because they recognize that we’re connecting at a level of Human Nature—our True Nature—which is that of Spirit.

It’s really quite remarkable and amazing how a spiritual connection can (and usually does) easily and lovingly transcend the man-made boundaries of race, creed, color, gender, belief systems—and any other “box” you care to name!

It seems that our Spirits have no race, creed, color, sex, suffering, or stupidity at all! When we connect at a spiritual level, all those messy, artificial, human boundaries just seem to dissolve away—to the point that we might well wonder where they came from in the first place!

In this episode, recorded on Christmas Day (the eve of both Kwanzaa and Boxing Day), Kindred Spirits join Tommy & David to explore the topic of Family—with particular focus on the questions:

  • Do we have a Family outside the boundaries of our blood relatives?
  • Do we have a choice?

Check out the video and join the conversation as David & Tommy bring powerful focus to these important issues!

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LMTV #88: Pre-Forgive

What If You Could Forgive…In Advance?

Forgiveness is a powerful force. No doubt you are already aware of this. But we’re all human, right? Which, of course, means that we make mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes can cause pain for others. Or for ourselves. Well, what could be better than adopting an attitude of pre-forgiveness?

Just think about that for a minute…

As long as you are on a path of personal growth, you are always going to be trying out new ideas. From time-to-time, things won’t work out the way you hoped or expected. And you may be inclined to judge yourself because you didn’t quite live up to your own expectations of yourself. You may even think of yourself as a failure. This is bound to happen, wouldn’t you say?

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you could be more loving and compassionate to yourself? Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep that image of forgiveness right out there in front of you—no matter what you do, or how things might turn out?

Interesting concept, wouldn’t you say? It’s something that David & Tommy have alluded to from time to time, and in this episode they take a deeper dive into this topic. JoAnn RotermundAnd who better to help them with this than the “Forgiveness Lady” herself, JoAnn Rotermund!

JoAnn has been on the show with the Soul Talk Guys a couple of times before, and she always brings a warm, loving attitude of forgiveness and gratitude that is totally contagious. So Tommy & David figured that having her on right before the holidays would be a great way to help you prepare for what can often be stressful time of year.

Consider the potential benefits that you might derive if you could develop a practice of pre-forgiveness:

  • You’ll be more self-compassionate and self-loving.
  • You’ll have much less stress.
  • You’ll be happier in your life.
  • You’ll be more attractive and magnetic to others.
  • Everything about your life will be better!

Don’t those sound like great things to bring into your life?

Well, then check out the video for this episode and remember to leave a comment in the space below.

LMTV #52: Anniversary Celebration

No matter what journey you are on, it’s a good idea occasionally to pause long enough to acknowledge and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Way back on April 18, 2014, David & Tommy had this crazy idea to do a bunch of webinars designed to help people live better lives. They decided to call their program "Life Mastery TV". Since then, David & Tommy have completed…(drum roll please)

51 Episodes!

Well, today’s episode marks the completion of a whole year of amazing webinars, so Tommy & David decided that a celebration was called for! For their celebration Tommy & David invited a whole bunch of their favorite people to join them in a special 1-hour episode that turned out to be a boisterous and entertaining look back over the past year.

If you take a look back 52 weeks, what accomplishments and achievements and self-wonders can YOU acknowledge? What did YOU release; what did YOU surrender to in order to get where you are today? What lessons have YOU learned that you can apply in the next 52 weeks?

Tommy & David invited the following amazing messengers to consider these questions and more during this week’s celebration webinar:

If you have watched any of the webinars during the past year, then you may have met one or more of these people, and you already know the kinds of brilliance and wisdom that they bring to the world. Well, just imagine having them all present during one powerful, entertaining and illuminating broadcast!

Enjoy the replay video, and please leave a comment below!

LMTV #33: An Attitude of Gratitude

Have you noticed that we spend all too many brain cycles thinking about the money we don’t have, the job we don’t have, the family we wish we had?

It’s so very easy—especially during a time of year with so much emphasis on joy, giving, and family—to fall into the despair of how much we don’t have. The problem is, what we focus on, we get! Due to our tremendous capacity to create, what we humans focus our thoughts and emotions on attracts the same. So, like it or not, we’re in a fix!

“You mean if I dwell on things I don’t have, I keep getting more stuff I don’t want?”

Precisely! It’s a tricky game to play, that of creator. But let’s stop focusing on this for a minute and do something totally different. Instead of concentrating so much energy on what we don’t have—the money, the job, the relationship, the love—let’s focus on what we do have. Let’s remember how much good has happened and continues to happen moment by moment.

One great way to break free from the lack-trap, the pit of not-enough, and the quicksand of endless desires, is to practice a little…


Some wise person once said, “Count Your Blessings”. Well, when was the last time you used some brain-space on that? Back in the day, after you made it through things like “I pray the lord my soul to keep” and “if I should die before I wake”, didn’t you also go through a list of thanking and blessing the special people in your life? Maybe it’s time to get back in the habit of celebrating the good times.

Life’s a gift…remember?

This week, David & Tommy are thrilled to welcome back Jo Ann Rotermund for a beautiful reminder on celebrating, rejoicing, and giving thanks for all that’s good in life.

LMTV #21: The Forgiveness Habit

How would you like to practice unconditional gratitude while developing a habit of forgiveness?

Many of us find ourselves caught up in an inner dialog in which our ego-mind wants to blame others for all the bad things that happen to us in our lives. And our attachment to pointing fingers outward keeps us bound up by the drama of trying to “get even at all costs.” What we don’t realize is that we are often just poisoning ourselves when we stay tied to this cycle. And this often leads to various forms of mental illness and can even manifest in physical illness as well.

Well, believe it or not, there is a cure, and it’s called


For this week’s episode, we invited an amazing woman, JoAnn Rotermund, author of the book The Forgiveness Habit, to share some of her wisdom with you.

JoAnn has has gone through a pretty harrowing journey in her life, and when she came out of her dark pit of despair, what she had learned led her to become a well-known expert in the area of forgiveness and gratitude. In today’s program, she shares a little about her own life journey, and a LOT about what could very well be THE cure for what ails the world right now.

You can find out more about Jo Ann at her website, The Forgiveness Habit.