LMTV #100: Public Service Announcement

Neuroscience Proves that When We Help Others, We Help Ourselves

This is not a self-serving game, nor is it one of narcissism. It is just a scientific fact.

When we selflessly help others, we release chemicals into our brains that literally make us happy. In other words, we reward ourselves generously by putting our energy into helping others, serving others. And that is why this week, the Soul Talk Guys are making this Public Service Announcement: to encourage everyone to

Be of Service!

Join Tommy & David and learn about some of the the personal and planetary benefits you can experience when you are guided by a principle of service:

  • Giving of your time, energy and perhaps money;
  • Serving without expecting anything in return;
  • Sharing without asking for or talking about recognition;
  • Volunteering your mental, physical, or emotional skills for the benefit of others;
  • Turning What’s in it for Me to What’s in it for We.

When you can do any of these things from a place of anonymous humility—that is, knowing you’re making a difference without any need for recognition or recompense—you set up a whole cycle that serves to create enormous benefit for you and for the people you are serving.

This is another powerful episode from the Soul Talk Guys… so enjoy the video! And please leave a comment below!

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