LMTV #101: The Lemon Factor

The More Lemonade You Make, the More Lemons You Get!

We’ve all heard the saying

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

And it’s a great metaphor for helping us to stay positive when things don’t conform do our desires or expectations.

But the idea is not just to turn a big lemon into lemonade once in a while, but to get good at doing it all the time. Why? Because the Universe is going to keep giving you the same challenge, over and over and over again, until you solve it. Until you get it. Until you learn the lesson you asked to be taught.

And just like that, by realizing that everything happens for a reason, and everything bad that happens is an opportunity to learn and grow, just like that you can begin to master the Life Mastery technique of

Transforming Adversity.

Transforming, meaning to change, or grow, or shift.
Adversity, meaning the challenges, hard times, complicated relationships, mean people we all face in life.

And the goal here, the trick to truly liberating yourself from the constant barrage of trouble, is to face each situation one at a time and realize there’s something to learn in every obstacle that appears. And with this change of mind, with this shift in consciousness, you can receive a Masters in Adversity Transformation.

When you do, you’ll marvel and be amazed at what happens! You’ll prove to yourself that by facing your trouble, and transforming it into a learning experience, you’ll not only grow and become stronger, but that particular problem will evaporate from your life and never haunt you again. Period!

Join the Soul Talk Guys as they teach you proven, patented practices to overcome the hard stuff in life. Once and for all.

Remember… Do it once, and it will be gone for all of the rest of your life. For Good.

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