LMTV #83: Healing with Tales

Do You Ever Tell Yourself Disempowering Stories?

Our ego-minds are really good at finding fault with whatever is going on—and if that is not enough, to find fault with us as individuals. Maybe you’ve heard that voice in your head saying things like these:

  • You’re not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, athletic enough, fit enough…
  • You never get things right.
  • The world is a dangerous place, so you have to avoid all the things you love.
  • Freedom of choice is an illusion! You have to live your life according to society’s rules.
  • There is not enough money for you to have your share.
  • There is no such thing as a soul-mate, so you might as well settle for whoever seems interested in you.
  • And so on, and so on…

Believe it or not, this sort of disempowering self-talk is pretty common for a lot of people. And Tommy & David want to invite a powerful shift to this kind of thinking.

To help with that, they invited Martina Kreiner to join them for this week’s episode. Martina is all too aware of the phenomenon of negative self-talk and she has devoted a great deal of time and energy creating a practice that she calls

Healing with Tales!

In her process, Martina takes the power of storytelling to a whole new level. Using a unique form of intuitive storytelling, she creates healing tales to help release trapped emotions and energies. With her special intuitive gift, she retrieves and shares tales from people’s past lifetimes, in order to reveal and release any trapped or stuck energy that might be affecting their current lives. Martina shares some examples during this week’s webinar, and providing some guidance about how you can do this for yourself.

Check out the video and enjoy yet another amazing journey into the wonder of being human!

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