LMTV #104: Two Years of Life Mastery TV

It’s Time to Celebrate…Again!

That’s right, friends! Believe it or not, Tommy & David have been delivering you amazing, powerful, insightful, and inspirational webinars every week for 103 consecutive episodes. And this week—episode 104—represents the last episode of another fabulous year. So the Soul Talk Guys are celebrating! And they want to celebrate with YOU!

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without special guests, so David & Tommy have invited past guests to rejoin them for this week’s activities. People like these:

  • Sara Jane, the “sound spirit healer”;
  • Tara-jenelle Walsch, author and entrepreneur;
  • Staci & Tom Welch-Bartley, expert relationship coaches;
  • Mahalia Michael, the “brain bliss” expert;
  • Junie Moon Schreiber, transformational shadow work coach.

While the Soul Talk Guys love to laugh and have fun and celebrate, they also like to make sure to bring lots of value to the table as well, so you still get some great tips and suggestions for improving your life. So, please watch this week’s video! Make some time for yourself to join some great people for a wonderful celebration!


LMTV #17: Juicy Relationships that Matter

How would you like to eliminate “Maybe” and make your relationships really juicy? Learn some secrets here…

What does it mean to have a Juicy Relationship? Perhaps certain words come to mind: intimate, connected, compassionate, loving, exciting, sexy, honest, open, and so on. But what makes a relationship juicy? And—assuming that you really want a juicy relationship—how do I get me one of those?

These are the sorts of questions we look at during Episode 17. And to help us do that, we’ve invited two amazing relationship specialists to join us: Tom Bartley and his wife and business partner Staci Welch-Bartley.

Tom and Staci have figured out how to create magic in a primary relationship and generously share some of their secrets with us right here. You are not going to want to miss this episode of our show, because it’s a very lively and exciting discussion about a subject that is important to all of us.

So check out the video, leave a comment at the bottom of the page, and then head over to visit Tom & Staci’s website at Lease on Love.