LMTV #95: The Perfection Paradox

Perfection is a Grand Illusion—and Something that can Teach us a LOT!

Imagine if everything were perfect already. Think of all the energy you could save! Your ego-mind would have no choice but to stop complaining that things aren’t good enough; it would have to stop pushing and prodding you to keep doing better. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you are enough already, that nothing more needs to be done?

Sadly, the way we have our lives set up right now, most of us are continually striving for this thing that we call perfection. On some level, we already know that it’s a losing proposition, because the ego-mind is never satisfied—or so it seems. But that doesn’t stop us, does it? We allow ourselves to be manipulated or talked into continually pushing ourselves to achieve this ethereal thing called perfection, believing the ego-mind lies that once we achieve it, we will finally be happy.

On one hand, we could say that this striving actually has a positive benefit: namely, that it keeps us on a continual path of improvement and growth.

But on the other hand, if we can never stop long enough to appreciate what we’ve already accomplished, how can we ever hope to be truly happy? And what is the toll that this takes on our lives?

Your Soul already sees things as perfect—just as they are here and now! Therefore, it has no need to change anything, let alone try to make it “better”! It is only the ego-mind that finds fault with almost everything, and so it seeks to constantly complain about what’s wrong, and to insist that we make it right! This form of perfection is an unattainable state of mind; it serves only as fuel for the ego-mind to continue its eternal purpose of keeping us safe. Hard to believe, maybe, but it’s true.

The seeds for seeking perfection were planted in you at a very young age. They include things like these:

  • Earning Mommy and Daddy’s approval by being well behaved;
  • Getting straight A’s at school so as to impress everyone;
  • Turning things into competitions so that you can win prizes and glory;
  • Making enough money in order to buy the perfect house, have the best car, and win the heart of the most desirable partner.

Of course, the list goes on and on…and on!

Well, this week, the Soul Talk Guys invite you to join them in stopping this insanity! David & Tommy shine a light on this disempowering habit and help you to learn to accept yourself as the truly amazing and wonderful being you are—with no need whatsoever to change anything!

Watch the video and join the magic; you’ll be glad you did!

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