LMTV #112: The Pleasure Plan

Pleasure is a Part of Who We Are—A BIG Part!

We all have plenty of stress and unpleasantness in our lives. In fact, if we allow ourselves to dwell on it, it can sometimes seem like it’s all conflict and struggle and work. And when things get this way, it’s easy to forget to have fun. We get to the place where we can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak, and we may even forget that fun and play even exists.

Unless, of course, we have a plan…

A plan?? Well, yes, and it makes total sense, if you think about it for a minute. We have to practice pleasure so that it resurfaces as a part of who we are.

In this installment of Life Mastery TV, the Soul Talk Guys discuss what it takes to make pleasure a biggerBarbara Musser part of our lives. And to help them, they’ve invited back none other than Barbara Musser, a student and facilitator of transformation and evolution.

As someone who has navigated through traumas of her own, Barbara has come to really appreciate the importance of pleasure and fun and play in our lives. She has learned to tap into her own innate playfulness in a way that makes it really easy for people around her to re-connect to their own inner pleasure-seekers. And what’s more, Barbara is really good at helping people to do this without guilt or shame! Imagine that: having fun…guilt-free!

Pleasure shouldn’t be the last thing on your to-do list! Rather, it should be something that is at least as important as anything else in your life. After all, creating pleasure in your life is just another way of taking care of yourself—of loving yourself. And pleasure is as easy to find as picking up a pebble from the ground! It’s true. Pleasure has endless forms—if you only open yourself to it.

Join Tommy & David, along with their guest Barbara Musser, to find out just how easy it can be for you to create your very own

Pleasure Plan!

LMTV #59: Reclaim Your Mojo

It is a sad fact that sometimes tragedy strikes and mayhem ensues. Let your broken heart lead you back to your mojo.

Barbara Musser is the kind of person who doesn’t let tragedy get in her way. As the author of Sexy After Cancer—Meeting Your Inner Aphrodite on the Breast Cancer Journey, Barbara knows all too well what it means to be affected by a completely unexpected medical diagnosis. Her own experience opened pathways for her to develop tools for creating and growing acceptance, forgiveness and love while on a cancer journey. And she has graciously agreed to bring some of her loving healing energy to this week’s show.

Is there tragedy in your life? Have you found yourself beset by something that seems too big for you to handle? Do you have challenges that seem insurmountable? Are you struggling to find the strength or the motivation to move through something painful?

Well, friend, no matter what story you might be listening to in your head, you can rest assured you are not alone. Everyone struggles at one time or another, and everyone has pain that may seem very difficult to get through. And the Soul Talk Guys are here to help!

What you may not realize is that the difficulty or the pain you are experiencing in any given moment might very well be the key you are looking for to help you move to the next stage of your life. It’s hard to see that when you are caught up in the details of your situation, but it often seems to be the case that

The solution you are looking for is hidden within the problem!

Barbara has dealt with this kind of thing in her own life, and she has transformed her own process into amazing facilitation and coaching skills that she uses to help other people—people just like YOU!—to come through the depths of their tragedy into the glory of their mojo!

Check out this week’s video, and let guest presenter Barbara Musser show you how to bring some healing into your life.