LMTV #105: Emotional Resilience

How to Help Others Without Getting Sucked In

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, fed up with getting your energy drained? Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you do, you get dragged down by drama?

Whether we’re watching the news or meeting a friend, we’re all subject to heavy mojo… bad news… big emotions. And if we’re not properly trained how to handle it, Life can get us down.

We all carry enough of our own baggage as it is—who wants to carry someone else’s? The truth is, we no longer need to take on the pains of the world. We can help bring peace and love without the heavy burden. We don’t need to take on other’s suffering. We can help others get through their experience without stressing out. We don’t have to make other people’s problems our own—even if our purpose involves helping people get out of trouble.

In this episode, the Soul Talk Guys welcome Emotional Resilience expert Kristen Richardson back to the Life Mastery TV stage. Kristen is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a private mental health practice; she deals with many suffering humans every single day.

Kristen sees many of her fellow Mental Health Practitioners dealing with burnout on a regular basis—and some of them even wind up quitting their much-needed professions. By basing her practice in Loving Compassion, Kristen proves every day that you can deeply help others without taking on their stuff.

If you want to learn how to help others—that is, to expand your desire to serve—without getting sucked in, then you’ll want to watch the video for this episode. If you’ve ever had a friend who’s drained you, a family member who has wiped you out, or a client who seemed determined to drown you, give yourself a big break and check it out!

LMTV #52: Anniversary Celebration

No matter what journey you are on, it’s a good idea occasionally to pause long enough to acknowledge and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Way back on April 18, 2014, David & Tommy had this crazy idea to do a bunch of webinars designed to help people live better lives. They decided to call their program "Life Mastery TV". Since then, David & Tommy have completed…(drum roll please)

51 Episodes!

Well, today’s episode marks the completion of a whole year of amazing webinars, so David & Tommy decided that a celebration was called for! For their celebration Tommy & David invited a whole bunch of their favorite people to join them in a special 1-hour episode that turned out to be a boisterous and entertaining look back over the past year.

If you take a look back 52 weeks, what accomplishments and achievements and self-wonders can YOU acknowledge? What did YOU release; what did YOU surrender to in order to get where you are today? What lessons have YOU learned that you can apply in the next 52 weeks?

Tommy & David invited the following amazing messengers to consider these questions and more during this week’s celebration webinar:

If you have watched any of the webinars during the past year, then you may have met one or more of these people, and you already know the kinds of brilliance and wisdom that they bring to the world. Well, just imagine having them all present during one powerful, entertaining and illuminating broadcast!

Enjoy the replay video, and please leave a comment below!

LMTV #44: Ceasefire of the Sexes

No doubt, you’ve heard the phrase “Battle of the Sexes”. We think it’s high time to for a ceasefire!

There seems to be a commonly held belief among humans that we are all in competition with one another. We seem to believe that there is general scarcity everywhere, and that we have to fend for ourselves and make sure we get our share of whatever we imagine we need. This attitude and belief system has been so strong that some groups (those who perceive themselves as stronger or more righteous) have gone so far as to create wars with others in order to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

This general attitude has created divisions among people, and nowhere is this more visible than in the apparent division between men and women. In western culture, we have referred to this as The Battle of the Sexes, as if men and women are actually at war with one another.

Men have been heard to say things like “Women...you can't live with them, and you can't kill them.”

Women have been heard to say things like “Men...50% testosterone and 100% stupid.”

While these kinds of statements may seem funny in certain contexts, in reality they are actually hurtful comments that do nothing to improve relations between the sexes. At Life Mastery TV, we believe that it’s time to put a stop to this kind of thinking and to begin to heal the rift that we have created between women and men. So, this week, Tommy & David have invited two incredible women, Audra Erwin and Kristen Richardson—both of whom you have met in previous webinars—to balance out a discussion that they hope will motivate the creation of a

Ceasefire of the Sexes

Our intention during this particular show is to shed some light on the kinds of judgments that we have about each other, because we believe that—even if we don’t speak them out loud—our unconscious thoughts have a powerful impact on how we show up and how we treat other people.

This episode promises to be edgy and powerful. But as always, Tommy & David will keep things fun and educational. So, mark your calendar and join us for another FREE webinar.

Enjoy the video, and please take a moment to leave a comment below!

LMTV #7: A Look at Spiritual Psychology

Today, we’re going to take a little trip into the spiritual realm.

Kristen Richardson is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and advocate of healing touch. As an avid student of the work of Gary Zukav, she is also very knowledgeable in the area of Spiritual Psychology, or Transpersonal Psychology as it is known in some circles.

Kristen loves being of service to other people and is on a personal mission to bring more love into the process of delivering psychiatric healing to people who are suffering from mental challenges. In Episode 7, Kristen shares with us some of the ways that she does that.

Check out the video and meet this amazing woman! Find out why she believes that

We are here to live consciously, with awareness, purpose and openness.”

Learn how Kristen practices this in her own life and helps other people to practice it for themselves.

See you on “the other side”!

To find out more about Kristen, check out her website at Kristen Richardson Therapy.

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