LMTV #103: Don’t Be Fooled By Fear

Fear is the Biggest Fooler of All! What Better Time than April Fool’s Day Shine a Bright Light on it?

Sometime around 1953, an uncredited Christian Scientist came up with a very interesting and revealing backronym for Fear:

False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s a cute and pithy statement, to be sure, but of course, it isn’t universally true. Sometimes, fear is very real and it has a very valuable purpose—to alert us to danger and thus keep us safe. But, unfortunately, our ego-minds are very fragile parts of our physical being, and they often blow things out of proportion, triggering fear within us that is quite irrational. In other words, it is our ego-minds that trick us into holding ourselves back from doing what our hearts call us to to do. Our ego-minds are almost constantly fooling us with exaggerated—and sometimes downright outrageous—claims about dangers and risks that simply don’t exist.

This week, the Soul Talk Guys revisit the topic of fear, and they’ve invited back a wonderful and gifted teacher, Azmina JiwaAzmina Jiwa, to share some of her wisdom about this subject.

All of our everyday what if’s create thoughts and images from our childhood conditioning and past experiences, which in turn paralyze into a state of inaction. If you are being fooled by your fears and not living the life you would love to live, then you need to tune in.

In this episode, with the help of Azmina, Tommy & David explore some truths about fears, so they can not fool you any more. Check out this episode and learn how you can override those thoughts and images so as to have the life you truly desire.

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