LMTV #98: Shadow Dance

What Happens When Your Shadow and My Shadow Decide to Interact?

Ours is a human dance of dichotomies, many of which are polar opposites:

  • Conscious and Unconscious;
  • Yin and Yang;
  • Good and Bad;
  • Happy and Sad;
  • Light and Dark;
  • Living and Dying.

These polarities are what make life so rich and wonderful, and it would be difficult to imagine any kind of real experience without them.

Maybe you’re familiar with the magical and entertaining “shadow dance” of Indonesian puppetry. The real magic is that you don’t see what’s really going on or who’s pulling the strings!

These puppet shows remind us of our own behaviors. Have you ever found yourself acting in ways where you wondered to yourself, “What on earth came over me?” When this happens, you might well feel as if there is a hidden force that is pulling your strings!

You may remember back a ways, the Soul Talk Guys talked about Beata LewisIlluminating the Shadow, where they shared some perspectives about the concept of “psychic shadow”. Well, in this episode, they’re back at it, but this time they look at shadow from a slightly different perspective. With Tommy away on vacation in India, David is joined by Beata Lewis to talk about what happens when the shadows of two or more people come out to play and start to interact with one another. You may not have thought about this before, but you have surely experienced the phenomenon, and as the Life Mastery TV team talk about it, you may well recognize and learn something more about

Shadow Dance.

From a personal transformation perspective, true self-awareness and mastery demand the tough work of engaging with your shadow. Bringing your shadow to conscious awareness allows for the emergence of inner knowing and light. And as you wrestle with demons, you usually find ways to heal and love parts of yourself that you may have previously considered to be unlovable. And that only leads to a more authentic—and generally more fulfilling—life.

So, make some time to watch the video of David and Beata in this week’s episode of Life Mastery TV.

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