From April 2014 to June 2016, David McLeod and Tommy Stoffel (the Soul Talk Guys) delivered powerful video messages to help people become masters of their lives.

Although the webinar partnership came to an end, all of the episodes David and Tommy created together have been saved here in an archive. You can select one of the random posts below, or click on the Replays menu option above to search for specific topics.

Check Out These Amazing Episodes

When tragedy strikes, it's easy to lose hope and motivation. Guest Barbara Musser helps you to transform your broken heart into a portal back to your mojo.

If you allow yourself to be attached to a particular outcome, then you lose sight of what's really important—namely, enjoying the journey of your life!

Our ego-minds don't much like this idea, but We are all One. And the One is known by only one name: I. Therefore, in a very real sense, it is all about me!

Confidence and Humility are desirable attributes, but there's a risk: too much of either can actually disempower you. The key is moderation and balance!

We put a lot of value on the notion of "Unconditional Love", but don't seem very good at practicing it. Let's work together to unchain our hearts.