LMTV #113: Movin’ On!

All Things Come to an End—Even Good Things!

The Soul Talk Guys have been bringing you amazing episodes—full of wisdom and learning—since their very first installment on April 18, 2014. It has been a wonderful, magical, and inspirational ride, and Tommy & David are extremely proud of what they have created together and delivered to you.

But we all come to points in our lives where we have to make decisions, and recently Tommy had a personal A-Ha that woke him up to a whole new opportunity in his life—something that he simply cannot ignore. Unfortunately, this new venture means that he won’t have the bandwidth available to continue with Life Mastery TV, so he will be co-hosting his final episode this week.

What does this mean for Life Mastery TV? Well, clearly things are going to be different going forward, and David will be looking for new ways to continue bringing this material to you. But for this week, the focus will be on celebrating one of the co-founders of this amazing team, and to wish him well on his continuing journey.

So, please join Tommy & David for the final episode of Life Mastery TV in its current form. Join the program to find out what to expect from Tommy and to wish him well in his new venture.

LMTV #112: The Pleasure Plan

Pleasure is a Part of Who We Are—A BIG Part!

We all have plenty of stress and unpleasantness in our lives. In fact, if we allow ourselves to dwell on it, it can sometimes seem like it’s all conflict and struggle and work. And when things get this way, it’s easy to forget to have fun. We get to the place where we can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak, and we may even forget that fun and play even exists.

Unless, of course, we have a plan…

A plan?? Well, yes, and it makes total sense, if you think about it for a minute. We have to practice pleasure so that it resurfaces as a part of who we are.

In this installment of Life Mastery TV, the Soul Talk Guys discuss what it takes to make pleasure a biggerBarbara Musser part of our lives. And to help them, they’ve invited back none other than Barbara Musser, a student and facilitator of transformation and evolution.

As someone who has navigated through traumas of her own, Barbara has come to really appreciate the importance of pleasure and fun and play in our lives. She has learned to tap into her own innate playfulness in a way that makes it really easy for people around her to re-connect to their own inner pleasure-seekers. And what’s more, Barbara is really good at helping people to do this without guilt or shame! Imagine that: having fun…guilt-free!

Pleasure shouldn’t be the last thing on your to-do list! Rather, it should be something that is at least as important as anything else in your life. After all, creating pleasure in your life is just another way of taking care of yourself—of loving yourself. And pleasure is as easy to find as picking up a pebble from the ground! It’s true. Pleasure has endless forms—if you only open yourself to it.

Join Tommy & David, along with their guest Barbara Musser, to find out just how easy it can be for you to create your very own

Pleasure Plan!

LMTV #111: Body Wisdom

The Body Never Lies—So Let’s Pay More Attention to It!

If you are seeking truth about something in your life, one of the best places to find it is right within your body. This is not something that people necessarily understand immediately, but if you think about it for a moment, you can see that it is so.

All you have to do is bring a thought or idea into your mind, and then check in with your body to see how you feel about it. If you pay close enough attention to the feeling, you will see that it contains great wisdom for you.

Most of us don’t think of our bodies as being a source of wisdom and truth, and Tommy & David think that’s unfortunate, and they want to change that thinking just a little bit. So, they invited an expert on the topic of Body Wisdom, Andrea Isaacs, to share some of her expertise on this subject.

Andrea is a master of change. She’s been a leadingAndrea Isaacs thinker in the Enneagram world for many years. She is the creator of two Body Wisdom techniques that promote and support your best next steps for the change you want in your life. Her system

  • increases your emotional intelligence,
  • connects you to your best and highest self, and
  • teaches you how to shift uncomfortable emotions into emotions that bring ease, peace and joy.

If you want to achieve any of the following benefits:

  • Expedite your inner knowing—trust yourself, make easier and wiser decisions, have better gut instinct;
  • Learn how to embody emotions that you find elusive—more confidence, more patience, more inner peace, etc., and
  • Create new neural pathways that support whatever change you want in your life…

…Then you’ll want to take a leap and jump right into the deep end for this episode! Watch the video (and leave a comment 🙂) You won’t regret your decision!

LMTV #110: Intentional Transformation

Are You Ready to Go Beyond Form?

Our lives are transformed not through becoming divine, but through the realization that ALL of our experiences have served the purpose of awakening us to our divine nature.

These are the words of Hu Dalconzo, Master Coach and founder of the Holistic Learning Center, and author of the book Self-Mastery: A Journey Home to Yourself. Tommy & David are both pleased and excited to have Hu joining them as a guest in this episode.

If you have been watching the Life Mastery TV shows with any regularity, then you already have a good idea what to expect, because you are already on a path of personal growth and transformation. But this episode, the Soul Talk Guys want to really deepen your experience and help you to move toward what they are calling

Intentional Transformation!

That’s right! This conversation is designed to intensifyHu Dalconzo your Spiritual Transformation in a way that leads you to create your own reality, rather than being created by your reality. That is a big leap of awareness for some people, but the truth is, many of us in the world really have no idea how powerful we are because we’ve forgotten the truth of our nature. And consequently, we live our lives from a place of limitation and restriction—borne of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs and identities of our ego-mind.

And to help shed some light on this phenomenon—and better yet, to help you rise above it—Tommy & David invited Hu Dalconzo to share some of his amazing wisdom and brilliance with you.

You have had many experiences, and you will have many more before you leave this plane, and they are all brought to you (by you!) to help you fulfill your purpose and to evolve to the next perfect version of whoever you are supposed to be. But what you may not realize is that you have a choice: you can either let things happen as if by chance, or you can tap into the Truth of who you really are, and begin to move more intentionally along your path. You can choose to evolve intentionally, and all it takes is a decision to be present to who you really are and make all your choices consciously. Sounds relatively easy, doesn’t it?

Well, friend, it may not be quite that simple, which is why Hu Dalconzo helps us all to understand how to make the process as easy as it can be. Check out the video—you’ll be glad you did! And please…leave a comment below!

LMTV #109: Resolve to Re-Solve

Challenges Keep Happening…Until they Stop Happening?!?

Well, here we go again. And again. And again. Another challenge. Another issue. Another lesson. Another FOG (f*****g opportunity for growth!).

The sooner you accept this is the way it’s going to be, until it no longer needs to be this way, the sooner this will no longer need to be the way.

Huh!? Let’s hear that again.

The sooner you accept that life will keep giving you challenges until you overcome them, the sooner life will stop throwing you the same challenges.

Said another way, we’ve all come here to learn certain lessons about being human, and the sooner we learn our lessons, the sooner we get to get out of school, run outside, and play.

Sometimes it just takes a slight shift in perspective. Sometimes we only need a little nudge to see things in a better light, to understand that what appears to be bad stuff may actually be happening to us for our ultimate benefit. Because, after all, doesn’t it seem (at least in retrospect) that whatever happens is always exactly what we needed at the time?

And you know, the sooner we realize and the more deeply we accept this virtually untaught truth, the sooner we can get on with our primary goal in this world—being happy. We all want to be happy, and while you can try to fake it till you make it, you almost certainly won’t truly make it until you cross that bridge over troubled water you always seem to find yourself on!

And that’s exactly what the Soul Talk Guys discuss in this episode of Life Mastery TV. In this installment, Tommy & David remind us that in order to Resolve our inner differences, we often have to Re-Solve the same problem a few times before we learn the lesson the way it needs to be learned. If you find that the same-old-same-olds keep happening like a distorted re-run of Groundhog Day, that might be an indication that it’s time to try a different approach!

Join the Soul Talk Guys as they once again go looking for trouble in all the right places! You know you want to!

LMTV #108: Laughter Yoga

Laughter is Contagious and has a Powerful and Immediate Positive Effect.

When we are children, we have a natural tendency to find ways of having fun, enjoying life, and LAUGHING a lot. But as we grow up, as we become more and more influenced by the conditioning of the adults in our lives, we seem to disconnect from our natural playful nature. Even though we may secretly long for the playfulness of our youth, we seem to abide by the dictates of society and “grow up” to become much more serious. About almost EVERYTHING!

But, we might ask: what does it cost us?

You don’t need humor or comedy to laugh. You can choose to laugh if you really want to! It’s true! And amazingly, the body receives the same physical and emotional benefits from “pretend laughter” as it does from the real thing.

As you’ve heard the Soul Talk Guys mention on numerous occasions, we often work very hard to contain our emotions in our body. Well, guess what? Laughter, like tears, can be a great release!

In this episode, Tommy & David are joined by a Linda Shivelycertified Laughter Yoga Leader, Linda Shively, who shares her wisdom about this subject.

The benefits of laughter cannot be overstated. And if you take it a step further and begin to practice Laughter Yoga, then you can expect to:

  • Increase blood flow and oxygen in your body
  • Enhance uplifting endorphin levels
  • Reduce pain
  • Stimulate the immune, digestive, and cardiac systems
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Stretch and relax tight muscles
  • Have fun!

So, join the fun and check out the video! Let Tommy & David and their beautiful guest Linda Shively inspire you to reconnect to that delightful little child within who just loves to laugh!

LMTV #107: The Global Messenger

Sharing Your Gifts with a World that Needs You

In this time of so much change, intensity and challenge in the world, it’s critical that we find ways to serve others with our gifts, our passions and our missions.

Being an integral contributor to the evolution of our culture and our planet—shifting it to be more just, sustainable and peaceful—is the path of the Global Messenger. But try as we might, we can’t really do it alone.

As change agents it’s important for each of us to get the support we need to thrive—while we are passionately helping others to thrive. The time has come to grow and empower our community of Global Messengers so that we can collectively be the change we want to see in the world.

This week, David & Tommy are pleased to welcome back an amazing man toChris Kyle the Life Mastery TV stage: Chris Kyle, entrepreneur, teacher, coach, facilitator, and all around great guy. In this episode, Chris and the Soul Talk Guys will be discussing the idea of individual gifts, and how important they are for making our world a better place.

This is not meant to be maudlin or depressing, but think about this for a moment. Suppose something completely unexpected happens to you and you wind up on your death bed contemplating the life you have lived. Will you be pleased with what you have done so far? Can you honestly leave this world knowing you have fully expressed yourself? Is there anything at all within you that you wish you had taken time to cultivate and share?

Don’t move on from this world with an unsung song in your heart, friend! Share it with the world now…before you go.

Please join Tommy & David for another empowering and enlightening discussion that will inspire and entertain.

LMTV #106: You Made Me!

How We Give Our Power Away by Blaming Others for Our Feelings

  • You make me angry!
  • You made me cry.
  • That really pissed me off.
  • That hurt my feelings.

Sound familiar?

Even if you don’t say these words out loud (anymore), there’s a pretty high probability that you say them in your head. And what you may not realize is that, by blaming someone else for toying with your fragile emotions (even if only in your thoughts), you’re actually telling yourself how weak and unworthy you are. Bet you never thought of that, right?

Well, guess, what, friend? You can stop it now if you want to. You can decide right this moment to stop being a passive victim of other people’s—or even your own—button pushing. As a very direct Teacher might say,
[blockquote variation=”teal”]I’m not making you do or feel anything. You’re letting your feelings be hurt. You’re letting yourself be hurt.[/blockquote]

Way back in Episode 22, someone asked the Soul Talk Guys: “HOW do I not take things personally?” This is a really great question, and a big part of the answer lies at the heart of this week’s episode.

Join David & Tommy as they plunge to the depths of this and other related questions around taking responsibility for our own feelings, our own reactions, and our own situations. You’ll find the teachings very empowering and enlightening.

LMTV #105: Emotional Resilience

How to Help Others Without Getting Sucked In

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, fed up with getting your energy drained? Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you do, you get dragged down by drama?

Whether we’re watching the news or meeting a friend, we’re all subject to heavy mojo… bad news… big emotions. And if we’re not properly trained how to handle it, Life can get us down.

We all carry enough of our own baggage as it is—who wants to carry someone else’s? The truth is, we no longer need to take on the pains of the world. We can help bring peace and love without the heavy burden. We don’t need to take on other’s suffering. We can help others get through their experience without stressing out. We don’t have to make other people’s problems our own—even if our purpose involves helping people get out of trouble.

In this episode, the Soul Talk Guys welcome Emotional Resilience expert Kristen Richardson back to the Life Mastery TV stage. Kristen is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a private mental health practice; she deals with many suffering humans every single day.

Kristen sees many of her fellow Mental Health Practitioners dealing with burnout on a regular basis—and some of them even wind up quitting their much-needed professions. By basing her practice in Loving Compassion, Kristen proves every day that you can deeply help others without taking on their stuff.

If you want to learn how to help others—that is, to expand your desire to serve—without getting sucked in, then you’ll want to watch the video for this episode. If you’ve ever had a friend who’s drained you, a family member who has wiped you out, or a client who seemed determined to drown you, give yourself a big break and check it out!

LMTV #104: Two Years of Life Mastery TV

It’s Time to Celebrate…Again!

That’s right, friends! Believe it or not, Tommy & David have been delivering you amazing, powerful, insightful, and inspirational webinars every week for 103 consecutive episodes. And this week—episode 104—represents the last episode of another fabulous year. So the Soul Talk Guys are celebrating! And they want to celebrate with YOU!

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without special guests, so Tommy & David have invited past guests to rejoin them for this week’s activities. People like these:

  • Sara Jane, the “sound spirit healer”;
  • Tara-jenelle Walsch, author and entrepreneur;
  • Staci & Tom Welch-Bartley, expert relationship coaches;
  • Mahalia Michael, the “brain bliss” expert;
  • Junie Moon Schreiber, transformational shadow work coach.

While the Soul Talk Guys love to laugh and have fun and celebrate, they also like to make sure to bring lots of value to the table as well, so you still get some great tips and suggestions for improving your life. So, please watch this week’s video! Make some time for yourself to join some great people for a wonderful celebration!