LMTV #106: You Made Me!

How We Give Our Power Away by Blaming Others for Our Feelings

  • You make me angry!
  • You made me cry.
  • That really pissed me off.
  • That hurt my feelings.

Sound familiar?

Even if you don’t say these words out loud (anymore), there’s a pretty high probability that you say them in your head. And what you may not realize is that, by blaming someone else for toying with your fragile emotions (even if only in your thoughts), you’re actually telling yourself how weak and unworthy you are. Bet you never thought of that, right?

Well, guess, what, friend? You can stop it now if you want to. You can decide right this moment to stop being a passive victim of other people’s—or even your own—button pushing. As a very direct Teacher might say,
[blockquote variation=”teal”]I’m not making you do or feel anything. You’re letting your feelings be hurt. You’re letting yourself be hurt.[/blockquote]

Way back in Episode 22, someone asked the Soul Talk Guys: “HOW do I not take things personally?” This is a really great question, and a big part of the answer lies at the heart of this week’s episode.

Join David & Tommy as they plunge to the depths of this and other related questions around taking responsibility for our own feelings, our own reactions, and our own situations. You’ll find the teachings very empowering and enlightening.

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