LMTV #105: Emotional Resilience

How to Help Others Without Getting Sucked In

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, fed up with getting your energy drained? Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you do, you get dragged down by drama?

Whether we’re watching the news or meeting a friend, we’re all subject to heavy mojo… bad news… big emotions. And if we’re not properly trained how to handle it, Life can get us down.

We all carry enough of our own baggage as it is—who wants to carry someone else’s? The truth is, we no longer need to take on the pains of the world. We can help bring peace and love without the heavy burden. We don’t need to take on other’s suffering. We can help others get through their experience without stressing out. We don’t have to make other people’s problems our own—even if our purpose involves helping people get out of trouble.

In this episode, the Soul Talk Guys welcome Emotional Resilience expert Kristen Richardson back to the Life Mastery TV stage. Kristen is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a private mental health practice; she deals with many suffering humans every single day.

Kristen sees many of her fellow Mental Health Practitioners dealing with burnout on a regular basis—and some of them even wind up quitting their much-needed professions. By basing her practice in Loving Compassion, Kristen proves every day that you can deeply help others without taking on their stuff.

If you want to learn how to help others—that is, to expand your desire to serve—without getting sucked in, then you’ll want to watch the video for this episode. If you’ve ever had a friend who’s drained you, a family member who has wiped you out, or a client who seemed determined to drown you, give yourself a big break and check it out!

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