LMTV #109: Resolve to Re-Solve

Challenges Keep Happening…Until they Stop Happening?!?

Well, here we go again. And again. And again. Another challenge. Another issue. Another lesson. Another FOG (f*****g opportunity for growth!).

The sooner you accept this is the way it’s going to be, until it no longer needs to be this way, the sooner this will no longer need to be the way.

Huh!? Let’s hear that again.

The sooner you accept that life will keep giving you challenges until you overcome them, the sooner life will stop throwing you the same challenges.

Said another way, we’ve all come here to learn certain lessons about being human, and the sooner we learn our lessons, the sooner we get to get out of school, run outside, and play.

Sometimes it just takes a slight shift in perspective. Sometimes we only need a little nudge to see things in a better light, to understand that what appears to be bad stuff may actually be happening to us for our ultimate benefit. Because, after all, doesn’t it seem (at least in retrospect) that whatever happens is always exactly what we needed at the time?

And you know, the sooner we realize and the more deeply we accept this virtually untaught truth, the sooner we can get on with our primary goal in this world—being happy. We all want to be happy, and while you can try to fake it till you make it, you almost certainly won’t truly make it until you cross that bridge over troubled water you always seem to find yourself on!

And that’s exactly what the Soul Talk Guys discuss in this episode of Life Mastery TV. In this installment, David & Tommy remind us that in order to Resolve our inner differences, we often have to Re-Solve the same problem a few times before we learn the lesson the way it needs to be learned. If you find that the same-old-same-olds keep happening like a distorted re-run of Groundhog Day, that might be an indication that it’s time to try a different approach!

Join the Soul Talk Guys as they once again go looking for trouble in all the right places! You know you want to!

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