LMTV #79: Anybody’s Guess

What Happens When the Soul Talk Guys Are in the Same Place at the Same Time?

If you’ve been paying attention (and we know you have!), then you have almost certainly noticed that when the Soul Talk Guys check in, David is usually coming in from Belmont, California, and Tommy is usually coming in from Thousand Oaks, California. Of course they both travel, so sometimes one or both of them call in from different parts of the world. And yet, every week since they started this Life Mastery TV journey, they have always managed to be there for you—on time, and on point! Well, for this episode, the planets aligned in such a way as to allow them to connect in person! So, you are in for a special treat, because David & Tommy are in the same place at the same time—for the first time ever!

And what kind of treat might you be in for? Well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

Even when Tommy & David have a specific topic in mind, you never quite know what shenanigans they get up to—although you can probably guess about some of it! But if they’re in the same room…? Well, in that case, all bets are off! What happens in this episode is, well,

Anybody’s Guess!

But you know the kind of wisdom these guys share every week. You know the way they provide all sorts of insights and perspectives on virtually all aspects of life. You know how they offer so many different ideas and suggestions for making your own life more fulfilling and satisfying. And, after all, isn’t that why you keep coming back for more?

Where else do you get

  • Unconditional love and acceptance from two really cool guys and their guests?
  • Answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions?
  • Suggestions for taming your inner critic and quieting your endless mind-chatter?
  • And so much more?

And all of this offered to you—for FREE—every single week?

It really is a deal you can’t afford to pass up, because you can’t get any better wisdom anywhere else—especially wisdom that is served up with such humor, authenticity, and lots of love.

So, do what the Soul Talk Guys have suggested at virtually every opportunity:

Take a risk and trust that you’ll hear exactly what your Soul needs to hear!

You’ll be glad you did!

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