LMTV #80: The Calm After the Storm

Have You Ever Found Yourself Being Bugged by Something for Weeks? Months? Even Years?

It seems like a pretty common human experience, to be hurt by something someone did, to feel injured or damaged by someone’s words. And maybe to expand it in our minds until it is larger than life. Does this ring a bell for you?

But what really happens when an incident like this occurs?

For some of us, it creates a whole cycle of anger and pain within us that leads to an even bigger problem than originally existed. Our ego-minds become attached to the idea of being damaged beyond repair, and holding the other person responsible, expecting him or her to understand the depth of our pain and to take responsibility for it…even though to that person, the event was almost certainly much smaller than we imagine (or remember). To that person, it may even seem—heaven forbid!—insignificant.

So while the other person goes about his or her life not even thinking about this situation, we create a whole cycle of inner turmoil that creates even more pain for us! Essentially, we create an inner storm that rages relentlessly. Sound familiar?

If you’ve been following the Soul Talk Guys with any regularity, then you probably already know that the first thing they tend to do is remind you not to beat yourself up for behaving like a human! Because, after all, beating yourself up just adds to your inner storm!

But they also have great suggestions for finding your way out of this pattern. And that’s exactly what they talk about in this week’s episode of Life Mastery TV. David & Tommy can’t promise you that you’ll never experience this kind of turmoil again in your life, but they can help you to make a much faster transition to

The Calm After the Storm.

Do you want to find out how quickly

  • You can recover from egoic injury?
  • You can let go of the attachment to being right about how you were mistreated?
  • You can drop your own suffering?
  • You can soothe your ego-mind and dismiss your inner dimwits?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then make sure you check out the replay for this week’s free webinar! Because with Awareness, Understanding and Practice, you’ll soon get to a place where nothing can hurt you.

That’s right: Nothing!

Enjoy the video, and please remember to leave a comment below.

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