LMTV #78: Beyond the Comfort Zone

You’ll Never Live a Truly Fulfilled Life Staying in your Comfort Zone!

The Comfort Zone is a wonderful place! It keeps you safe and provides you with warmth and unconditional love. It’s a great place to go when you want to recharge your batteries and prepare yourself for whatever adventure you might be going on next. But the problem is, if you don’t watch out, the Comfort Zone can become too comfortable—almost addictively so!

You see, with all that warmth and comfort, it’s easy to get distracted by all kinds of things. It might be the next episode of your favorite TV show. It might be just one more drink of your favorite beverage. Or maybe you prefer to play another video game. Regardless of your particular kind of distraction, it’s really just your ego-mind “helping” you to avoid something that might seem risky or even dangerous.

After a while, if you spend enough time in this Comfort Zone, you begin to notice that life is just passing you by, that you are not really very happy with your life, that something seems to be missing. And the longer you spend in this so-called “safe place”, the harder it becomes to get out of it.

It’s almost as if you’ve put on a mask to hide yourself from the world, donned your armor to protect yourself from the judgments of others, and then wrapped yourself up in a nice cozy blanket to keep yourself warm and safe.

But have you ever noticed: nothing ever seems to grow in the Comfort Zone! No real growth ever happened that didn’t involve some risk.

It’s true!

In order to grow, you have to stretch yourself. And stretching yourself means trying something new. And trying something new always introduces the possibility of that oh-so-ugly word that you probably dread:


But that is exactly what you risk every time you try something new. And it can even be a possibility when you’re trying something you’ve done before that you believe you’re “not very good at”. In other words, you know what it feels like when something is just outside your Comfort Zone.

But just think for a moment about any so-called failure in your life:

  • What did you learn from it?
  • How did your life change?
  • How did you approach things after that failure?

Now, let’s flip the question around a little bit. There are probably plenty of risks you’ve taken in your life where you actually succeeded! Sure, the risk of failure may have been present, but somehow you made it through. Consider those questions again:

  • What did you learn from your experience?
  • How did your life change after taking that risk?
  • How did you approach things after that event?

In this episode, the Soul Talk Guys talk about the Comfort Zone in some detail. And they’re joined by special guest, Azmina Jiwa, a Holistic Happiness Coach and teacher of the powerful Feel the Fear and do it Anyway workshops.

If you want to find a way out of your Comfort Zone so that you can begin to live a more fulfilled life, then check out the video…and please leave a comment below!

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