LMTV #76: Change of Command

Who’s In Charge, Anyway?

You may remember during Episode 49, David & Tommy talked about the inmates running the asylum, a situation that can occur when the ego-mind gets out of control and begins to believe it’s in charge. Well, this week, the Soul Talk Guys revisit those cute but oh-so-dangerous gremlins and help you find a path toward resuming command of your own life situation!

Why do you suppose we call them gremlins anyway? Well, it’s because each one of them is a different aspect of the ego-mind, and each one has its own unique personality. In some ways, these gremlins seem to be cute and cuddly and somewhat endearing, but when they don’t get their way, look out! That’s when real trouble happens!

Make no mistake: the ego-mind in all its variations certainly has a place in the overall picture for your life, but it’s pretty clear that the ego-mind was never intended to be a Commander-in-Chief. It’s just far too immature and short-sighted for that job. While the ego-mind is ideal for handling specific details of life and helping us to navigate our way through the physical world, it doesn’t really have the capability for big-picture thinking. We all need a much more powerful part of ourselves to manage that job.

And what part do you think we’re referring to here? Why, your Soul of course—that part of you that is connected to whatever you might imagine as your Higher Power, which has the big-picture of what your life is supposed to look like.

When you quiet the chatter of your ego-mind and connect in with that bigger part of yourself, you become aware of who you really are. And this leads you to realize that you are much, much bigger than you ever gave yourself credit for. In fact, your Soul knows just how boundless and amazing you really are, and will—if you listen very carefully—provide all the information you need to regain control of your life and begin following the path you always intended to follow.

Think if it as a crossroads:

  • Do you want to be controlled by the gremlin aspects of your ego-mind, or
  • Do you want to align with the real truth of who you are and live a life of complete fulfillment and satisfaction?

Let the Soul Talk Guys provide some guidance here! You already know the amazing wisdom and unconditional love they bring, so watch the video now and give yourself permission to get your fair share!

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