LMTV #75: Instant Karma

What Goes Around Comes Around…

No doubt you’ve heard the term Karma, which can be described succinctly by the old adage

What goes around comes around.

Many wise spiritual teachers tell us that Karma is a kind of Quantum Energy Bank Account. In this model, everything you think, say, do and feel leaves an imprint on the energetic fabric of the universe, or what some people refer to as the Akashic Record. According to the teaching, everyone has an account in this Universal Energy Bank, and of course every Karmic account has a balance. Mathematically, an account balance can either be negative (in the red), zero, or positive (in the black).

And guess what? It is our thoughts, words, actions and emotions that cause changes to that balance:

  • Some of the less kind things we do create a negative impression on the fabric of life, and hence act as a withdrawal from our Account.
  • Some neutral everyday things we do, like getting dressed, don’t have much of an impact—unless we’re thinking angry thoughts about our boss while doing it.
  • And some things we do, like helping old ladies cross the street (assuming they want to go), add positive to our balance.

In a nutshell, that’s what Karma is all about: it’s your personal, universal, energetic bank account, which—according to the sages—you get to take a look at after you leave the physical plane.

Assuming you’re spiritually awake and have some degree of awareness of naughty and nice, you’re hopefully learning your life’s lessons as quickly as possible, correcting wrongs, and generally being more kind than mean. If so, then the idea is that at some point in your life you hit a tipping point where your balance becomes positive and you’re able to keep it there. When this happens, Instant Karma goes into effect.

This is when synchronicity shows up and things seem to happen almost immediately. You think a nasty thought about someone and within a few steps your toe finds the foot of the chair. Or you start to slip back into angry driving habits, and the cop pulls you over. It’s almost as if Life is telling you,

Hey! You know the rules of the game. Play nice, or else!

This week David & Tommy go spelunking in the cave of quantum mystery…

Check out the video and find out where the Soul Talk Guys take this one!

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