LMTV #49: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum!

When things get out of control, it can seem like the crew has mutinied or the gremlins have stormed the control tower!

  • Have you noticed that we all seem to believe that life is supposed to be a challenge and that we are supposed to struggle and suffer?
  • Have you noticed how much stress and worry and misery we all seem to be living with?
  • Have you ever wondered why this is so?
  • Have you ever wondered what you can do about it?

Getting all caught up in the drama of your ego-mind can create all kinds of havoc, chaos, and confusion in your life. And this can lead to more undesirable consequences than you might care to admit! And the stress that accompanies the chaos can have lots of negative—and sometimes even devastating—effects on your well-being…as well as the well-being of your loved ones.

You know what it feels like—pick your favorite metaphor:

  • A VW pulled up under the Big Top and unloaded 192 uncooperative clowns into my brain!
  • The crew of my ship have all mutinied and locked me up in the brig!
  • The gremlins have managed to shut down all services and have taken over the control room!
  • The inmates have revolted, demolished the security system, and are now running the asylum!

So how does this happen? Why do we all have our own version of one of these chaotic metaphors? Mainly, it’s because we haven’t been taught how to tame the rogue elephant brain. We didn’t learn this—in school or anywhere else—because our parents didn’t learn if from their parents…whose parents didn’t know either! But, guess what? It’s not all that difficult to regain control of all the crazy thoughts in your head and the confused emotions in your heart.

It’s just a question of learning a new skill.

Are you ready to try?

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired; if you are ready to take control of your life, once and for all; well, then this episode of Life Mastery TV might just be the one that will help you change everything. For good and forever!

Check out this week’s webinar recording, and please remember to leave a comment below.

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