LMTV #40: LMTV Free-For-All #2

Our second 1-hour special episode, with answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions…questions from people like YOU!

This is our FORTIETH (40th) episode of Life Mastery TV, and—as we did in episode #20—we make use of our patented Free-For-All Fishbowl.

Prior to the show, we spent a few weeks collecting topic ideas and questions from our loyal viewers, and we put all those questions—plus all the left-over topics from our previous Free-For-All—into the fishbowl. Then, during the show, we pulled topics from the fishbowl at random, and just let the conversation go where it needed to go.

And, as you’ve come to appreciate ever since we started this show, Tommy & David are never ones to shrink back from a challenge! As you can see for yourself when you watch this week’s video, they always tend to jump right “into the deep end” and tackle (lovingly!) every question that comes out of the fishbowl.

Here’s what’s in the video:

  • One solid hour of conversation. Yes, you read that right. This show is 60 minutes long instead of the usual 30 minutes.
  • Lots of interesting topics and questions from viewers just like you who just want to get answers.
  • Plenty of laughs and lots of fun—but also lots of great wisdom shared by two guys who have all the answers. (Or at least a few of them!)

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