LMTV #41: Resolving the Past

If you ever find yourself re-living the pain of the past—whether from your early childhood or from past lives— you’ll want to join us for this webinar!

The Past can be like a giant magnet, constantly trying to lure us into the bowels of hell. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but for many of us, the negative events of the past draw us in way too often.

We are often told that we should learn from history or else we are doomed to repeat it. Good advice, it seems:

  • We should learn from our own history.
  • We should learn from our own past.
  • We shoule learn the lessons we don’t want to repeat, and tap into the vast knowledge we’ve collected to help solve our current problems.
  • We can also visit the past to remember the great times and soak in those fine memories.

But more often than not, it seems, our experience with the past brings up the dark, the heavy, the “rather-not-remembered”. And THAT's the magnetic part of the past we need to learn to let go of—that unseen force that messes with our happiness.

Unfortunately, like most things around here, we can’t just ignore our past burdens and wish them away. Until we deal with them head-on, the heavy stuff of our past will keep haunting our present and scaring our future.

Past wounds, past pains, past emotional burdens have a way of messing with our intelligent thought processes in the present moment. And just when we think we’ve stuffed it far enough down in the bag, it rises up and takes on shapes like sadness, self-doubt, and depression. Heavy, negative magnets of the past also pull us into old drama patterns and leave us with unwanted gifts like worry, anxiety, and the silent killer, stress.

But there is good news here—great news in fact. There are ways to reduce the magnetic pull of the karmic cycle that we sometimes think we’re caught in. Clear, simple ways to let go of the baggage that no longer serves us. And that’s what Tommy & David are going to discuss this week on Life Mastery TV.

To help with this, they have invited a special guest and “past-magnet-liberator”, Josette Prevost, to join the webinar and to help us all work together with the process of

Resolving the Past

So leave those old worries behind and join us for a bright future!

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