LMTV #39: You Can’t THINK Your Feelings!

It’s interesting how the things closest to us are sometimes the least understood.

This is especially true for the mystery of how we feel, and it turns out that—quite literally—feelings are not what you THINK!

Most of us are pretty poorly trained on how things like fear, desire and worry impact our thought processes. And there’s a pretty good chance that you received even less instruction on how your emotions interact with your thoughts to create your life. Yet thinking and feeling—two completely separate, but inter-related processes—are pivotal in the success and happiness you experience.

As discussed in previous shows, we humans are highly influential creatures having the unique ability to create desirable outcomes and change life situations whenever we choose to.

Through the power of free will, what we think and feel leads to what we do, and what we do leads to our results. Our own experience proves that when we put both our minds and hearts into something, we are pretty hard to stop from creating what we want to create.

Given that our creative thoughts and emotions have such a huge impact on our lives, it would seem imperative for us to work on really understanding how we think and how we feel, don’t you agree? Yet most of us rarely consider the creative power within us, no less pay attention to what’s influencing our decisions. And what’s worse, many of us think we can process our feeling simply by thinking about them! And that’s where things can really get messed up.

So just ask yourself:

  • Do you really feel your feelings?
  • Are you truly in touch with your emotions and how they influence your life?
  • Have you perhaps shut down part of your emotional system and now rely on your brain to make decisions your energy system was meant to handle?

Tough questions!

If you would like to find some answers, join Tommy & David this week as we explore the difference between feeling our feelings and thinking our feelings.

It’s a critical distinction you don’t want to miss.

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