LMTV #11: Expectation is the Mother of Frustration

Expectation is very different from anticipation, and attachment to desired outcomes can lead to disappointment.

We humans tend to think of expectations as necessities. We expect fresh food at the market. We expect others to follow the rules of the road. We expect people to behave in a civilized, if not nice, manner. But what happens when things don’t go according to our “plan”? What happens inside us when our expectations aren’t met?

Expectations are one of those double-edged swords that can cut into our peace and happiness. While one part of us may think it’s important to have expectations, another part of us knows how much misery and suffering our unmet expectations can cause:

  • When we get bad service at the restaurant, our “meal is ruined”.
  • When the price of gas keeps going up, we get angry.
  • When somebody doesn’t show up on time, we get stressed.

And what’s the common theme every time one of our expectations goes unanswered?


We set ourselves up for something, and then when that something doesn’t happen, it takes a toll on our attitude, emotions, and energy. Expectations are one of those “problems” disguised as a solution!

In this episode, we discuss this issue in some depth. Check it out and learn how to distinguish between realistic anticipation and frustrating expectation.

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