LMTV #74: Let’s Be Clear

As Night follows Day, Clarity of Purpose follows Clarity of Mind.

Clarity of thought. Clear-headedness. Insightfulness. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of these all the time? Or even half the time, for that matter?

It’s especially in times of stress, when we feel like we’re under the gun, that clarity and presence are the most important. And yet, frustratingly, those are precisely the times when they are most difficult to connect to. And in those very times, we often end up behaving in more reactive ways than we would like—and the outcomes are not usually particularly satisfying!

We find ourselves thinking about what we should have done or said, how we should have behaved or shown up. Or maybe we wished we had thought of something in the heat of the moment that came to us so naturally after the circumstances had changed. And so we end wondering:

  • Why don’t I think of that perfect line when I actually need it?
  • Why is it so easy for my head to get muddled and confused at the first sign of emotion?
  • How can I stay calm and composed when crap like this happens in my life?

As Tommy & David have said many times during different episodes, the answer is not a lack of something, but rather a covering over of what’s already there. It’s like a layer of dirt and rocks covering the gems of truth and wisdom that lie within you.

In reality, the clarity is always there; the insights are always present; the answers are always available. To connect to them requires only one thing, and that is still the mind and rise above the thoughts to that energetic place of


As the Soul Talk Guys have been hammering home for the past several episodes, that which you seek is already within you. All you need to do is continue to clear away the chaos that is piled up around it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it is simple, it’s just not easy or trivial!

Come on into David & Tommy's sacred space once again, and give yourself another opportunity to connect to the truth of who you are, and to re-establish the total clarity that is already your birthright!

Enjoy this week’s episode of Life Mastery TV and please remember to leave a comment in the space below.

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