LMTV #71: Spontaneous Wisdom

All the best answers come from only one place—and you already know where it is!

When you have a question that you need answered, where do you usually look? Of course you said Google, right?!

Well, external sources such as Google are very good at providing endless streams of information that is useful in certain contexts. And, indeed, these sources of information are wonderful for what they do.

But when it comes down to the important answers—that is, answers that have relevance to who you are and what you are here to do—none of those sources will ever be able to provide what you are really looking for. And there is a simple reason for this:

Those sources don’t know YOU!

It’s true. Nobody knows you as well as you do, so it stands to reason that you should be able to come up with your own answers for your own life, right? And yet, how many of us look to others for answers? Just think about it: have you ever asked someone else any of the following questions:

  • What should I do?
  • How should I show up?
  • How can I improve myself?

Now, to be fair here, we all need feedback from time to time. Each of us has a pretty narrow perspective, so it really does help to get input from others. But sometimes, we go overboard, don’t you think? Sometimes we even go so far as to expect others to make our decisions for us—after all, if we can delegate the decision making (so our reasoning goes) then we don’t have to take responsibility for the outcomes of those decisions!

Alas, life doesn’t seem to work that way, does it? So, you have a choice…

  • You can look outside yourself and hope that all the answers will be provided for you and the decisions will all be made for you; OR
  • You can learn to take responsibility for your own choices and begin to trust the true Source of your own wisdom.

Don’t know how to do it? No matter! That’s why the Soul Talk Guys are here! They have been through many of the same challenges you’ve been through and they have learned how to connect in with their own Source of Truth, and they can help you learn to do the same.

But you can’t just sit there and wait for it to happen! You have to take ACTION! So, if you are ready to connect to the greatest source that exists, watch David & Tommy in this week’s video replay and get in touch with your own

Spontaneous Wisdom!

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