LMTV #72: Human, Being…

We’re trained to do, do, do. Go, go, go. Think. Think. Think. Well, how about just BEING?

From day one, we’re taught and rewarded on our ability to think and do, to keep ourselves busy, to keep on being productive. This state of Human Doing can be exhausting and troublesome, not to mention stressful and therefore bad for our health.

We don’t—and can’t—give up thinking. That would be ridiculous. But at some point, we need to realize that thinking all the time isn’t in our best interest. We need to remember that our mind is a tool to be used when and as needed.

For many of us, the mind has taken over and makes us believe that no other part of us exists or matters. In some ways, it may seem like the mind staged a mutiny and took over the ship! Maybe you can relate to this!

Not exactly an ideal situation, right?

If you want to recover control of your ship, you need to be more conscious and aware of the BEING part of who you really are. It really is okay to…

Stop. Listen. Look. And Just BE.

In this episode, the Soul Talk Guys discuss this phenomenon and share some wisdom about how you can slow down—and let go of some stress in the process.

You’ll get to practice:

  • Breathing and becoming aware of how fast you are actually thinking and moving.
  • Slowing down so you can observe what’s around you and within you.
  • Raising your awareness of the present moment without any need to analyze, think, or worry.

And as you build and strengthen this practice, when you take a break from incessant thought, you’ll see that you find not only peace, solitude, and stillness, but oftentimes also plenty of inspiration, wisdom and lots of other marvelous surprises!

Let Tommy & David guide you into this wonderful practice of slowing down and taking a recess from thinking. And then you can develop your own practice, start with only FIVE minutes a day!

The results will astonish you!

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