LMTV #67: Premature Positivity

Positive Thinking. It’s a wonderful concept, and something worth adopting. But what happens if you get ahead of yourself?

A great sage once said:

Let the seekers seek. When they seek, they will find. When they find, they will be troubled. But when they get through the trouble, they will marvel and enjoy.

When you begin the process of waking yourself up to the brilliant magnificence of who you really are, the initial stages can be challenging. While you are becoming aware of deeper truths about yourself, those old stories–the old tape-loops that you’ve been carrying around all your life–don’t stop playing immediately. The volume might go down a little, but even if you manage to shut some of the loops off, you’ll still hear echoes ricocheting around inside your head. It can be a little weird, and you may even imagine that you are going crazy.

The truth is, you are actually going UN-crazy! Unfortunately, your ego-mind doesn’t know that, and it’s still doing its endless job of trying to keep you safe, so it’s working hard to get you back into that old comfort zone that it likes so much, and maybe even trying to get those old tape-loops back up to their original volume.

Now, many self-help books and personal growth training programs will tell you that all you have to do is change the way you think. And that is very true. But in this “instant-gratification-world” that we live in, many gurus will promise you immediate results. All you have to do is THINK POSITIVE.

Well, sorry, no. It just doesn’t work like that—not if you don’t deal with the negativity that is buried in your unconscious: the old thoughts, the limiting beliefs, the ancient messages that you’ve been unconsciously buying into for most of your life.

You can THINK POSITIVE all you want, and you might even notice some degree of improvement. But if you don’t deal with those unconscious beliefs, then all you are really doing is engaging in Premature Positivity—covering over what you really believe. You are effectively trying to hide your negative beliefs in the closet.

Think of it this way:

Covering over your unconscious negative beliefs with shiny new positive ones is kind of like putting on a new suit before you’ve taken off your dirty clothes and had a shower.

So, do you want to be the finder of your real truth? Then be willing to go through your own trouble phase, and start uncovering, examining and dealing with those old beliefs. Let the Soul Talk Guys help!

Join Tommy & David and curiously go exploring into the adventurous depths of yourself so that you can step fully into positivity without being sabotaged by old beliefs.

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