LMTV #66: My Divine Contract

Do you believe that you have a Spiritual Purpose—perhaps something you committed to before you were even born?

Some people believe that each of us has a Divine Contract that defines our spiritual purpose in the physical plane. The idea is that—as spiritual beings prior to our arrival in the physical realm—we had a clear sense of what we’d like to accomplish in our next incarnation. And, as the theory goes, we made commitments and agreements with other spiritual beings—some of whom may have accompanied us into this world, and some of whom may have stayed behind in the spiritual world.

Now, you may think this is a pretty crazy idea, or maybe you resonate with it completely, right down into the tiny spaces of your heart and soul. Well, the Soul Talk Guys find the idea utterly fascinating, so they invited back Josette Prevost, an expert in Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy and someone who has a great deal of experience investigating past lives.

Having worked and studied with the late Dolores Cannon, Josette is the perfect person to help us look at this idea of My Divine Contract—and to guide us to connecting with that contract while we’re here in the physical world. Just imagine the possibilities!

  • What if it’s true that you made some kind of plan before you arrived on this planet?
  • What if, before you came to this plane, you got together with some of your spirit buddies—quite literally, your soul mates—and planned out some very specific things for you to experience during your life here?
  • Can you imagine what impact it could have on your life if you could get a clear sense of what that plan might be?
  • Wouldn’t you like to remember it?

A lot of us go through life without any clear understanding of our purpose. Some of us try things just to see how they resonate. Some of us get lucky and find something that seems to fulfill us, but many of us end up trying one thing after another, hoping (against hope, perhaps) that eventually we’ll find something that fulfills us. And those of us who never find that often end up settling in our lives for something much less than we imagine is right for us.

Well, that’s precisely what the “calling of your soul” is all about. Your soul is constantly trying to bring you back into alignment with your Spiritual Purpose for Being—even if your ego-mind is busy telling you all kinds of other things.

So, if you want a life of ease, if you want to feel an ongoing sense of fulfillment, if you want to experience joy and abundance and wonder for the rest of your life, then you really owe it to yourself to find out and get aligned with your purpose. Check out David & Tommy's video, and see what you can learn about your own Divine Contract.

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