LMTV #63: Take the Bite out of Fear

Fear is one emotion that can really hold us back if we let it. It can even paralyze us. Let’s see if we can change that!

Fight or Flee.

You’ve heard of this, right? It is the typical reaction that is often attributed to one of the most powerful—and usually disempowering—emotions: FEAR.

And there is good reason for this reaction. According to evolutionary theory, fear put us on guard to very real dangers that existed in our world, and in our state of high alert, would give us a chance to assess our current situation and respond accordingly. Fear was necessary for our very survival, and without it we would no doubt have put ourselves into harm’s way—and paid a very high price as a result.

If we look at our world today, however, we can see that the dangers that we faced hundreds or thousands of years ago have more or less disappeared. Of course, new dangers have in some cases taken their place, but, really, our world is a much safer place than it used to be. And yet, our fear instincts are still very strong—and perhaps much stronger than they ought to be. Much of this has to do with the power of our ego-minds, whose job is to keep us safe so that we can navigate our way through the physical world. But it turns out that our ego-minds are so sensitive to danger that they often assume risk where none exists! And this is why many teachers refer to fear as:

False Evidence Appearing Real

Of course, it may seem very real to your ego-mind and your body may indeed feel the full force of the emotion, so the message you may be hearing in your head might be closer to:

F@*# Everything And Run!

The Soul Talk Guys are not here to tell you to ignore your fear. Rather, they just want to help you reduce the power of fear in your life so that you stop being controlled by it. In other words, they want to help you to

Take the Bite out of Fear

As you gain more control over your fear and begin to quiet the voice of your ego-mind, you will automatically begin to notice some changes:

  • You will feel much less stress in your life.
  • You will enjoy what you are doing much more.
  • You will tend to look forward to new things with a sense of excitement and adventure.
  • You will naturally find yourself attracting and gravitating to more and more like-minded people.

What more could you ask, really? If you want any of these things in your life, then check out the video for this week’s episode of Life Mastery TV. And don’t forget to leave your comment in the space below.

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