LMTV #54: Trying Hard to Let Go

Letting go is supposed to be about relaxing and taking it as it comes, right?

And even though we know life is easier when we’re in the Flow of Allowing, something inside wants to cling tight—and that’s when the inner tug-of-war begins to rage.

Trying hard to let go…
Trying hard to let go…
Trying hard to let go…

It seems like a bit of an oxymoron when you think about it. We recognize our inner desire to move into the flow, to just be with what is and to allow ourselves to fully experience and enjoy our lives. But at the same time—as we imagine ourselves stepping more deeply into the fullness of ourselves—we are tricked by our ever-loving ego-minds into listening to stories about all the dangers in the world, and this leads us to hold ourselves back from what we truly want. When this happens, it may seem like a very real internal struggle, with the good guys competing against the bad guys. This is what it can feel like when we are

Trying Hard to Let Go

Even when your higher self knows the importance of allowing, of trusting, of surrendering control over everything, the ego-mind digs in its heels and fearfully clings to old baggage that clearly no longer serves you. The ego-mind resists change—of course it does!—because this type of change means it’s being rightsized! And it will cleverly trick you into thinking you need to keep all the crap in your closets and under your bed. It says thing like

“Wait!! I’m in this pile of crap somewhere!”

And therein lies the lie.

You are nowhere in the old stuff, the old pains, even the old memories. No matter what your ego-mind might be telling you, the truth is that you are nowhere but right HERE, right NOW.

In this episode, the Soul Talk Guys shed some light on this inner struggle and talk about why our inner “protector” is so afraid of letting go. Check out the video with Tommy & David and begin to

Let Go for Good

Enjoy the replay video, and please leave a comment below!

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