LMTV #48: The Power of Awareness

Are you aware that you are the Awareness that is aware of everything?

This is not a trite question! On the contrary, it is a very deep question, and you might find it a little confusing at first. But just read that one more time:

Are you aware that you are the Awareness that is aware of everything?

The very fact that someone can conceive of such a question—and that YOU can contemplate it—speaks volumes about the nature of Human Beings. We are very special creatures…far, far greater and expansive than we can ever imagine. And Awareness—what some might call Supreme Consciousness—is present within and available to every single one of us.

As children, we tend to be pretty literal in our interpretations of things, and so we come to believe that everything has a specific meaning. And by the time we have learned to think and reason more abstractly, many of our beliefs have become so fixed in our minds that we have a hard time staying open to new points of view. We find ourselves agreeing with the meanings that we have accepted—or, more accurately, created—and our awareness becomes myopically focused on the objects of our attention. The narrower and more specific our meanings become, the more the world appears to be small and empty of possibility and opportunity. And thus we begin to experience more fear.

How do you become aware of this? What brings your attention to this issue in the first place? Ultimately, the answer lies in recognizing your own dissatisfaction with your life. When you begin to realize that your life is not shaping up as you dreamed it would, then it is quite natural to begin asking questions. And questions really are the first step in awareness, because each question you ask leads to an answer that, in turn, leads to another question.

The truth is: you ARE the Awareness that is aware of Everything! If you don’t believe that, it is only because of the meanings you have chosen to accept and agree with up to now. The moment you take a single metaphorical step back and begin truly to observe your life, you will recognize and welcome the surprising truth about who you REALLY are!

This week David & Tommy are joined by special guest Laina Orlando, a widely recognized expert in the field of what she calls The Power of Awareness. Laina is going to share her expertise with you and help you to understand this subject more deeply.

Do you want to:

  • Free yourself to experience life from your natural child-like sense of wonder and curiosity?
  • Expand your capacity to forgive?
  • Increase your compassion for all of humanity?
  • Give yourself permission to be big, bold and limitless?

If you said “Yes” to any of these questions, then check out the video and leave a comment below!

Remember, awareness is a critical, key, essential part of our inner expansion and growth; a mandatory requirement for our transformation; a must-have of human evolution.

Awareness precedes Shift. Don’t miss it!

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