LMTV #33: An Attitude of Gratitude

Have you noticed that we spend all too many brain cycles thinking about the money we don’t have, the job we don’t have, the family we wish we had?

It’s so very easy—especially during a time of year with so much emphasis on joy, giving, and family—to fall into the despair of how much we don’t have. The problem is, what we focus on, we get! Due to our tremendous capacity to create, what we humans focus our thoughts and emotions on attracts the same. So, like it or not, we’re in a fix!

“You mean if I dwell on things I don’t have, I keep getting more stuff I don’t want?”

Precisely! It’s a tricky game to play, that of creator. But let’s stop focusing on this for a minute and do something totally different. Instead of concentrating so much energy on what we don’t have—the money, the job, the relationship, the love—let’s focus on what we do have. Let’s remember how much good has happened and continues to happen moment by moment.

One great way to break free from the lack-trap, the pit of not-enough, and the quicksand of endless desires, is to practice a little…


Some wise person once said, “Count Your Blessings”. Well, when was the last time you used some brain-space on that? Back in the day, after you made it through things like “I pray the lord my soul to keep” and “if I should die before I wake”, didn’t you also go through a list of thanking and blessing the special people in your life? Maybe it’s time to get back in the habit of celebrating the good times.

Life’s a gift…remember?

This week, David & Tommy are thrilled to welcome back Jo Ann Rotermund for a beautiful reminder on celebrating, rejoicing, and giving thanks for all that’s good in life.

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