LMTV #32: Liberate Your Love

We put a lot of value on the notion of “Unconditional Love”, but don’t seem very good at practicing it. Let’s work together to unchain our hearts.

Every day we hear, see, or directly experience the results of heartbreak. A single mom driving her kids home from school. A dad calling his son on Monday morning to see how the weekend was. And now it’s official: the failure rate for marriages in the U.S. has surpassed the success rate!

So why are we so bad at this? More importantly, what can we do to get better at loving relationships?

We all seem to know about “Unconditional Love”, but who ever taught us what this really is? What it really means? How to actually do it?

We’re told to go out looking and, if we’re lucky, we’ll stumble upon the “right one” and fall in love. Are you serious? We’re leaving Love to chance? We’re lucky if we Stumble and Fall? How can that be?

When it comes to Love, questions like this seem quite common in the world:

  • Does “True Love” exist?
  • How do I find it?
  • Is love out there waiting for me?
  • When is it going to show up?

Like most Life Matters, the secret to unlocking the truth of anything—including wonderful loving relationships—is right there inside you. Believe it or not, you are an unlimited source of loving thoughts and emotions. You have the ability to create as much pure love as you wish. And when you do—when you learn to Liberate Your Love—you’’ll be amazed at all the love you receive back.

We’re talking the good stuff, the real deal. Pure, unconditional, true Love.

Check out this week’s presentation and learn how to Make Love every day—you’ll be glad you did.

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