LMTV #2: Overcoming Fear and Building Self-Confidence

One of the biggest challenges we all face as we navigate our way through this amazing adventure called “Life” is … FEAR.

Fear can be a very useful emotion, since it does provide us with legitimate and valuable input about dangers and possible threats to our well-being. However, almost all of us become habituated subconsciously to avoiding things that we imagine might be risky or dangerous.

In some cases, the avoidance of those risks might make perfect sense, but in many cases, if we really examine the fear behind our avoidance, we can easily see that the danger is nowhere near as bad as we might have believed! And yet, strangely, we still avoid that “thing” (whatever it is) because of our own internal conditioning. And when this happens, the fear is no longer serving us, but rather keeping us from living a fulfilled and happy life.

In Episode #2, we discuss this subject in some detail. AND, we provide resources that can help you to:

  • OVERCOME your fear
  • BUILD self-confidence
  • CREATE a life of joy and fulfillment

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