LMTV #89: Family of Choice

Many of Us Feel Somewhat Alienated from our Families of Origin—Especially During the Holiday Season.

On multiple occasions in recent weeks, both David & Tommy have heard from different friends about some of the challenges—and even tough times—they have experienced with their families at Thanksgiving. A common theme is that these people feel like they have very little left in common with the people who raised them and influenced their early lives. And stemming from that feeling, they may also express frustration that their family members “just don’t ‘get them'”—and may even mock them or put down their spiritual nature. What’s up with that?

  • Don’t they see that I’ve changed?
  • Can’t they see I’m feeling better about myself and my life?
  • Why don’t they join in instead of trying to jab me with their dull wit?

Maybe you’ve experienced some of this dynamic yourself…?

On the other hand—and since you’re plugged into the Soul Talk Guys way of being—it’s probably safe to assume you have other people in your life who totally get you and support you. People who are kindred spirits with similar spiritual perspectives, inspirations and aspirations, right?

It’s amazing when we’re able to attend a spiritual conference, workshop, or talk. Amazing, not only in the teachings and insights we receive, but in the people we meet.

No matter where we are in the world or who we meet, humans with an awareness of their true spiritual nature have the ability to relate, connect, and get along harmoniously—and all quite naturally. Because they recognize that we’re connecting at a level of Human Nature—our True Nature—which is that of Spirit.

It’s really quite remarkable and amazing how a spiritual connection can (and usually does) easily and lovingly transcend the man-made boundaries of race, creed, color, gender, belief systems—and any other “box” you care to name!

It seems that our Spirits have no race, creed, color, sex, suffering, or stupidity at all! When we connect at a spiritual level, all those messy, artificial, human boundaries just seem to dissolve away—to the point that we might well wonder where they came from in the first place!

In this episode, recorded on Christmas Day (the eve of both Kwanzaa and Boxing Day), Kindred Spirits join Tommy & David to explore the topic of Family—with particular focus on the questions:

  • Do we have a Family outside the boundaries of our blood relatives?
  • Do we have a choice?

Check out the video and join the conversation as Tommy & David bring powerful focus to these important issues!

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