LMTV #86: Into Me You See

Two Guys Chatting About Intimacy—Not Something You See Every Day!

It’s true. Say the word intimacy, and many people will immediately conclude you are talking about sex. But while sex very often does imply some level of intimacy, intimacy can exist without any sexual activity at all! And it is that kind of intimacy that the Soul Talk Guys talk about in this episode.

As members of the Human Race, we’re not generally trained or taught very well in the use of our emotional energy system. It’s just not something that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. And in some households, not only is the idea of expressing emotions treated like a dark art, very often it is completely taboo! Hard to imagine for some of us, but it really is true!

It seems that when we don’t know something about ourselves that should be blatantly obvious, all our defenses rise up to quell the unrest. We get particularly touchy when someone tries to tell us something we should already know—such as how to control our minds or feel our emotions!

You might well wonder, “Why didn’t anyone teach us something as basic as how to experience our human emotions when we were younger!?” The answer is quite simple: “No one taught our parents, so they weren’t able to teach us.” Thankfully, this dynamic seems to be changing in our world today, but there are still many people of adult age who have great difficulty with Emotional Intelligence.

We are all taught how to think, however—although some people might say that we are taught what to think! Yes, we have all kinds of powerful programs to get our thinking muscles into great shape.

Well, the Soul Talk Guys are dedicated to talking about the tough topics—and emotions are right up there at the top of the list. Fear, sadness, jealousy, judgment, as well as generosity, joy, courage, compassion, and true love—these are all topics that Tommy & David happily discuss and share on a weekly basis.

And so, for this episode, they figured, “Why not talk about the courage and vulnerability involved in the energy of Intimacy?”

You read that right! True intimacy requires immense bravery. It takes guts to move beyond the concerns of self, to get beyond the fears and worries of what others might think or that you might get hurt. It may feel like you’re standing at the edge of a cliff, with only a hang-glider to help you down—and never having flown in your life! You could easily have questions in your mind like these:

  • Do I dare take the next step?
  • Do I dare expose my own feelings and emotions to someone else?
  • Do I dare open up to the possibility of heartache—or worse?
  • What if they judge me?
  • What if they don’t like what they see?
  • What if I crash and burn?
  • What if, what if, what if …

Join Tommy & David as they put on their Headlamps of Awareness and go spelunking into the inner caverns of the Soul.

Treading where few dare to tread. Into the depths of their own hearts.

Come see a couple of guys chatting about Intimacy.

You’re in for a very interesting ride…

Into Me You See.

DISCLAIMER: Apologies, but the recording ended abrubtly about 12 minutes into the broadcast. Nevertheless, we think you’ll still find value in the video, so please take the time to watch…and REMEMBER to leave a comment below!

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