LMTV #24: More, More, More (Not!)

Society constantly challenges us to buy, consume, collect & acquire “more”. It’s debilitating and stressful. This week, find out how break the cycle.

A few weeks ago, during our special “Life Matters Free-For-All” episode, we fielded quite a few questions from viewers. Well, one of the questions that we didn’t actually address had to do with the challenge of Keeping up with the Joneses. You know, the consumerist mantra of “More, More, More!”

Well, the person who posed that question, Frances, was actually pointing out how debilitating and stressful the whole “get more stuff” attitude can be, and she asked about how to break the cycle.

We figured this was a pretty great question, and something that was worthy of a whole show. So, check out our in-depth view into the stuff-hungry world of Keeping up with the Joneses. Learn more about the Grand Illusion that seeps into every part of our life. Join us as we pull back the covers and expose the tricks and traps that suck us into the vicious cycle of “buy more, get more, never enough”.

As always, you can count on us to keep it light. After all, that’s what this Life Mastery TV is all about! Right?

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