LMTV #19: Play Your Best Game Ever!

Motivational wizard Lynn Rose joins us to teach us all how to up our game a few notches.

No matter how we are being or what we are doing in our lives, one thing seems sure: we all like to do or be our absolute best. After all, that is when we feel most alive; that is when we are most aligned with our spiritual purpose for being. And besides that, it just plain FEELS good!

Well, this week, we have invited an amazing speaker, entertainer and motivational coach, Lynn Rose, to share some of her brilliance and wisdom about the subject of “being the best you can possibly be”.

You’ll notice, no doubt, that the title of this episode is “Play Your Best Game Ever!“. This is really important, because Lynn absolutely believes that every aspect of personal growth should be FUN, which is why she wants us all to remember to PLAY—because, after all, all of life really is just a GAME.

Lynn has done some amazing things with her life, and she is on a very clear mission to help as many people as possible do amazing things with their lives too. So get comfortable, relax, and sit back and enjoy this week’s video presentation.

For more information about Lynn Rose, check out her website at LynnRose.com.

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