LMTV #51: From Thinking To Knowing

When You Stop Thinking, then You Can KNOW Who You Really Are!

In last week’s webinar (Who Do You Think You Are?), Tommy & David talked about how we actually tend to put ourselves in boxes with our limiting beliefs. And our limiting beliefs are the product of our unregulated, unmonitored, repetitive—and usually negative—thoughts about ourselves.

In some ways, René Descartes was correct when he said

I think, therefore I am.

But not, perhaps, in the way he intended.

Our thoughts are very powerful indeed, and if we choose to, we can use them to help us create ever greater versions of ourselves, one iteration at a time.

But there is something much more powerful than your thoughts, and that is the source truth of who you really are. This truth, this wisdom, this knowing is available to you all the time, but you are not likely to find it in the musings of your mind. You must actually silence the mind in order to access this wisdom, for only then will the quiet but powerful sage within have sufficient space in which to share its wisdom with you.

You have heard Tommy & David share this kind of message before, and they are going to deepen that message for you this week. Don’t waste any more time! If you want to experience true freedom—that is, freedom from the limitations of your mind—then make a commitment to yourself to attend this week’s webinar!

Freedom is only a heartbeat away!Enjoy the video, and please leave a comment below!

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