LMTV #30: Quitcho Bitchin’!

It’s easy to complain, especially about things that seem outside of our control. But what does it get us, and what is the cost?

Complaining, and its close cousin, Worrying, are two energies that very rarely bring satisfaction, and mostly just cause trouble. So why do so many of us partake in this nasty habit? What makes us hungry to gossip, bitch, and moan about life and all its woes? Is misery that powerful a host? Does it really love company? In a sense, aren’t we just saying that negatives attract? And if so, why on Earth would we want to attract negativity?

Or perhaps we complain about someone or something to justify our own importance! To feel right. To feel righteous. Or maybe just to feel like we’re contributing to the conversation.

The truth is, when we worry and complain, we’re mostly just hurting ourselves. It’s like sucking on a poison lolly-pop—over and over and over again!

In this week’s episode, we expose the truth behind “the bitch”—why we bitch and what we hope to gain from it. And just maybe…the next time someone asks “How ya doing?”, you might truthfully be able to rejoice, “No Complaints!”

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