LMTV #16: Go Out And Play!

Join us for some insanely creative ideas on how to add some spontaneity & fun to your diet of personal growth!

Remember when we were kids? School’s out. Summertime. All we needed to do was throw on just enough clothes not to embarrass Mom, and out the door we went.

  • Making up games on the fly.
  • Creating toys out of cardboard boxes.
  • Inventing adventures along the way.
  • Free Spirits… Playing. Creating. Being.

Fast forward to today…don’t you just wonder “Where did that ‘Me’ go?”

Well, the truth is, that ‘Me’ didn’t go anywhere! S/He is still in there—inside you—and probably itching to have some fun!

In our ongoing search for the grail of Who Am I?, it’s really important (not to mention just plain sensible AND healthy) to remember how to have some fun. Isn’t it? Well this week, we spontaneously decided to invite FUN to have an honored place in our discussion!

That’s right! This week, we’ll take you on a fun adventure. We’ll play with the idea of having some fun once in a while. We’ll create a game together and make an adult plan to “Go Out and Play”…just like the kid you really are!

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