LMTV #14: Integrity — Staying on Course

Integrity is a kind of moral compass that senses resonance with Life Purpose. Learn to use this tool to detect and correct misalignments in your life.

Integrity is one of those things that all of us seem to know and recognize intuitively, even if we can’t define the term in a succinct way. Not only that, but integrity seems to be a very highly prized quality in others. If we are in relationship with a person of high integrity—that is, a person whose words and actions are consistently aligned—then we tend to develop a high degree of trust for that person, even if we disagree 100% with what they are choosing to do.

On the other hand, if we are in relationship with someone who is out of integrity on a fairly regular basis, then our trust level will eventually drop to a minimum, and we’ll probably not want to be in relationship with that person—no matter how amazing we might otherwise judge them to be.

But what exactly is integrity? Why is it such a desirable quality? What does it mean to live a life of integrity? And how can we use integrity as a way to keep ourselves aligned with our Spiritual Purpose for Being?

Today, we examine these questions and more, and we provide you with some tools you can use to help keep yourself in integrity.

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