LMTV #8: In is the ONLY Way Out

If you’re like most people, then from time to time you’ve probably found yourself outside of yourself for answers or support.

After all, who hasn’t sought acknowledgement, validation or approval from other people? It seems like something that most of us do. And yet, have you noticed how unfulfilling that approval can be when it comes from someone else? Oh, sure, it might feel good for a short while, but the truth is, the feeling doesn’t last. Why?

Because TRUE unconditional love and acceptance can only come from within.

In this installment of Life Mastery TV, we discuss the importance of bringing your focus back into your S.E.L.F. (your Spiritually Empowered Life Force) as a way of:

  • Recognizing the truth of Who You Really Are;
  • Identifying and deconstructing dysfunctional and limiting beliefs;
  • Uncovering old (childhood) wounds and bringing in unconditional love to heal them; and
  • Getting clarity about your REAL purpose here on this planet.

Watch the video and find out how you can use the power of introspection and listening to your inner voice to make your life matter even more!

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